Secure your place for the world premiere of Alice in Wonderland – Space Match!

Attention, Attractions Industry Professionals!

Brace yourselves for an unprecedented online event: we are thrilled to unveil the waitlist for our newest keynote, showcasing the world premiere of our latest CGI movie for licensing: Alice in Wonderland - Space Match.

This is an unmissable opportunity for industry professionals like you to be at the forefront of delivering unparalleled experiences to your guests.

At Red Raion, we understand that a simple movie won't cut it for your venue. Your guests seek a full sensory adventure, and it's your duty to transport them to a mesmerizing realm, promising unforgettable excitement.

And here's where Red Raion shines!

The keynote presentation will be an exclusive opportunity to:

✅ Witness the world premiere of Alice in Wonderland - Space Match in its entirety
✅ Explore the creative journey behind the movie, including design, special effects, and emotional depth
✅ Learn how the renowned former Pixar screenwriter, Lorien McKenna, reimagined Alice's story into a captivating space adventure
✅ Understand the emotional impact this movie will have on your audience

But that's not all!

Attendees will gain access to a super-exclusive launch offer, that we will only reveal during the event.

The available spots for the online keynote are limited, as the event is only open to the first 30 companies joining the waitlist.

You won’t have to travel: we will give you the link to the online event and you will be able to follow it from your office!

Act fast to secure your spot and ensure your access to this one-of-a-kind opportunity: secure your place at the world premiere of Alice in Wonderland - Space Match!

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