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Each geographical and economical area has its own distinctive features, so every regional market deserves a dedicated professional who has a deep understanding of its needs, culture, and trends when it comes to CGI content and digital attractions.

That’s why we assembled the Content Experts: the company’s figures specifically trained to support amusement professionals to choose the perfect CGI content for their current or future media-based attractions.

Each Content Expert focuses on the area of the world they know best, and use their knowledge and experience to guide you by analyzing your specific market with pinpoint accuracy!!


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The story of Red Raion

Red Raion was born in 2015, basically from scratch: today, we are a team of around 40 people and have a track record of collaborations with some of the world’s greatest operators in the field of entertainment (SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment, Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, Leisure Expert Group) – but it hasn’t always been all roses… When we moved our first steps in the industry, everyone told us that it was impossible for a new company to join this field, because it took other companies decades to build their name and reputation. But we never surrendered.

Since day one, we have created custom and licensed CGI content for venues worldwide. 

Our goal has always been to create unforgettable experiences with CGI, focused on mixing storytelling with state-of-the-art technologies – in brief, we aimed at creating the so-called “WOW effect”.

And also to make life simpler for the attractions industry operators who are looking for the perfect CGI content for their specific venues, attractions and target audiences, solving the issues they had faced throughout their entire career: delays, extra costs, and content that wasn’t at all like they expected in terms of quality were the most common setbacks among our clients who had previously dealt with non-specialized companies.

This made it clear for us that it would be essential to focus exclusively on media-based attractions, build a specialized team of professionals, and always be there for our clients, prepared to answer all their questions and anticipate all their doubts.

This is what we have been doing since the very beginning: specializing, studying, listening to our clients, being there for them, and it’s what allowed Red Raion to be where we are today.

And it’s also what allows us to work this smoothly, always respecting milestones, budgets and deadlines

So it all revolves around being “the CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions”: working with us means that we will always put the experience first, that we will always keep studying and improving, and that we will always listen to you, amusement professionals, to help you create that beautiful eye-sparkle that makes it all worth it!

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