Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

Implementation and Compliance


Quality Policy Principles

To ensure a product/service that maximizes customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of all interested parties, the organization defines the following principles as references in its Quality Policy

Customer and Stakeholder Focused Approach

The organization commits to understanding customer needs and plans its activities to fully satisfy them. It also respects the requests and requirements of the market, country regulations, and all involved parties in critical processes.

Process Approach

The organization identifies its different activities as processes to be planned, controlled, and constantly improved, optimizing resources for their realization. It manages these processes to be unique in terms of objectives, expected results, responsibilities, and resources employed.


The organization takes responsibility for the effectiveness of its QMS, providing all necessary resources and ensuring that planned objectives are compatible with the organization’s context and strategic directions. It communicates the importance of the Quality Management System and actively involves all stakeholders, coordinating and supporting them.

Risk and Opportunity Assessment

The organization plans its processes with a risk-based thinking approach to implement suitable actions for evaluating and addressing process-related risks and exploiting identified opportunities. The organization encourages a proactive attitude towards risk management at all levels.

Involvement of Personnel and Stakeholders

The organization recognizes that the involvement of personnel and all stakeholders, combined with active participation from all collaborators, is a primary strategic element. It promotes the development of internal expertise and careful selection of external collaborations to have competent and motivated human resources.


The organization’s permanent objective is to improve the performance of its Quality Management System. It achieves this through preliminary risk and opportunity assessments related to business processes, internal and external verification activities, and management review.


RED RAION SRL has chosen a QMS compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard as the tool to implement its Policy.