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Brent Andersen

Founder & CEO

“Choosing a specialized company like Red Raion over a non-specialized studio was an easy decision.

The quality of their work, their standardized production process, their flexibility in accommodating our vision and feedback, and their experience were key factors in producing a product that has captured the imagination of our guests, whose feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Red Raion's ability to adhere to milestones and deliver on their promises was crucial for us to ensure a successful launch.

We plan to continue working with Red Raion on future projects. Their commitment to following our goal to build an educational experience that inspires our guests and aligns with our mission was critical to the project’s success.”


Giuseppe Gramellini

Head of the Factories Area

FICO is a peculiar park with its working food factories, and Red Raion made it even more clear to the public, thanks to their specially developed CGI content, what a factory inside FICO is and what happens within it.

The final result of the work done by Red Raion largely reflects the idea we initially had for FICO.

In some cases, in my opinion, it has even improved compared to our expectations!

Red Raion was very good at understanding the needs of FICO firstly, but also, above all, of the various operators and companies.

The factories and operators working inside the factory were enthusiastic. Some of them saw their goal fully reflected, some others did not expect it and were skeptical, but looking at the result, they definitely changed their mind.

The aspect that we appreciated most in the collaboration with Red Raion was undoubtedly the professionalism but especially the patience that all the staff of Red Raion had to understand our needs and above all those of the companies. 12 different food companies with their own needs and each one managed to have the perfect product for FICO and above all for them, a product that fully reflected their working idea.

So, they were very, very, very patient. A huge thank you from me and all the FICO staff!


Richard Richarté


We were looking for new video content for our 5D movie theater and we met Red Raion, which impressed us with a different and very interesting offer.

Our relationship with the company and the discussion of the offer went perfectly with the Customer Support team, who took good care of us.

Dealing with an in-house movie production studio is very straightforward and makes everything easier compared to movie distribution companies in the industry.

I highly recommend Red Raion: it allowed us to offer several 5D movies instead of just one and satisfy our visitors even more. And, why not, they can also create a special movie for Mini World Lyon in the future!


Stefano Cigarini


Red Raion is a young yet very professional company.

It’s made by people who are very fond of their jobs, very professional in doing their work and who do reach the goals set together with their clients.

They are very open to stimuli and when we worked together on the script and details of the “Jurassic War” custom movie for our Immersive Tunnel, they lived and worked as if the attraction was their attraction and not only Cinecittà’s.

This is very important because now we consider them as Partners and not just suppliers.

Amusement Parks


Arun K Chittilapilly

Managing Director

"At Wonderla, we're always aiming to enhance our guests' experiences. We are in the process of revamping our popular ride, Adventures of Chikku 2, with Red Raion's expert assistance.

Red Raion's specialization in CGI content for the attractions industry has been invaluable. Their quality work, supported by Emmy-nominated screenwriter Lorien McKenna and award-winning composer Ron Fish, ensures a seamless collaboration and exceptional results.

We look forward to continuing our innovative partnership with Red Raion to create memorable experiences for our visitors".


Jose Luis Atienza Martinez

Operations Director

Parque de Atracciones de Madrid has collaborated with Red Raion since 2017.

In them we have found, on the one hand, a reliable provider that knows perfectly where the market is oriented and the needs and tastes of our customers and, on the other hand, we have the advantage of dealing directly with the content creator.

This also gives us the opportunity to choose custom CGI content that will be perfectly adapted to our media-based attractions.


Enrico Ira

Park Development Director

Leolandia’s experience with Red Raion was an actual first time for the park: we had never worked with digital attractions before.

With Red Raion, we worked on the creation of an indoor attraction based on the PJ Masks IP - together, we developed the animations bringing the attraction to life.

Each frame, each movement, each facial expression was structured by Red Raion starting from the property’s original material and approved, one by one, by the IP owner.

It has been a very successful collaboration, particularly considering the tight deadlines to complete everything, and Red Raion has proved to be a willing partner, always capable to ensure the best results.
Due to the Covid-related restrictions, few families have had the chance to try out this new attraction, but judging by the enthusiasm of their feedback, we can already assert that it’s a huge success for Leolandia and that we are highly satisfied with it.


Mattis Willms

General Manager

We have used Red Raion’s CGI contents for the third year in a row and we have had a very good experience with the company.

We are talking directly with a production studio without any middlemen involved.

The movie packages offer us flexibility and we can change movies during the year. We are also pleased with the quality of the movies and the value offered.

If we have any questions, they are always quick to help.

I can give Red Raion my best recommendations.


Francisco Azlor

Former General Vice-Director

It is important to rely on in-house production studios specialized in the creation of immersive CGI content, such as Red Raion, which has the technical expertise and the knowledge of the cutting-edge innovations in this industry, a company that is specialized in the development of VR/5D content and technologies that will definitely add value to an attraction inside an amusement park.

FECs and Shopping Malls


Majed Al Hokair

Chairman of Directors

"It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Red Raion.

Their exceptional expertise, unwavering dedication, and steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality results have played a pivotal role in the outstanding success of the PlayOCity powered by Hasbro in Boulevard World, Riyadh, as well as our latest PlayOCity attraction in Jeddah."


Denis Ndreko

Attractions Manager

We have been trying to keep the level of excitement at the maximum and the variety that Red Raion offers is an advantage for us.

The first word that came into our minds when seeing their products is ‘excellence’.

This opinion is based on two factors.

The first is that our audience has been showing interest since the first day we advertised the new movies, especially the younger generations whom we found to be more familiar with the CGI content created by Red Raion. But more in general, after the first time watching the movie people always return a second time and so on.

The second factor is that as soon as we introduced the new movies, we received impressive feedback about their quality. To quote a client among the others: It is hard to tell the difference between the virtual world and reality.

Although most of our clients have ranked Da Vinci’s Touch as their favorite movie, it still remains a personal opinion to many of us since the quality of each of them is marvelous!
Hoping that our feedback will help the team to improve, we are looking forward to the next step in doing business together in the near future.


Niraj Tamrakar

Senior Procurement Specialist

Our guests sincerely appreciate Red Raion’s titles, especially kids who are always very excited about them!

When we worked with other companies, we didn’t have such a vast selection of titles to choose from. In contrast, with Red Raion, we could choose among a roster of exciting movies, all appropriate for our audiences.

I would undoubtedly recommend Red Raion to everyone.

Thanks to Moviepack we have the chance to add brand new titles every year, by keeping using the previous ones. Their movie quality is excellent, their technical support is super efficient, and since we started working with them, our ROI has noticeably improved.


Dario Fonseca


Our guests love to immerse themselves in Red Raion's movies. They have particularly appreciated Aladdin, one of their newest titles!

We have licensed several of their VR titles and it’s great to offer this kind of variety to our visitors so that they can enjoy different experiences every time!

Also, they've always been available when we needed it and their customer support is fast and effective.


Arnaud Charier

Co-Founder and Commercial Director

As an event agency working with malls and big events all around France, Red Raion’s CGI content is perfect to entertain families, we highly recommend this amazing CGI studio for its professionalism and great creativity.


Jordan Choi

Vice President

We have no doubt that Red Raion is an industry-leading CGI movie production company.

Their storytelling skills and the way of delivering it into the eye-catching visual effects are extraordinary.

Content is King, we always trust this phrase and Red Raion has been supporting us with excellent content.

We look forward to continuing our business relationship.

Theme Park Designers


Marjolein van de Stolpe


For a large and complex project of ours we’ve been collaborating with Red Raion concerning the custom CGI content for this production.

We’ve experienced Red Raion to be a pleasant and reliable partner in our team. Listening well to feedback, displaying a great amount of flexibility, respecting deadlines and good and open communication about any issues that arise makes us feel very comfortable working with them.


Jan Maarten de Raad


At Jora Vision, we prefer to collaborate with companies that not only offer great products but also have the same vision for creating exciting and wonderful experiences.

This is what we found in Red Raion, a state of mind focused on giving the highest possible experience value to the visitor as it is clear from the CGI content they deliver.


Kees Albers

Founder, Chairman and Former CEO

After an extensive search around the world for a good and creative animation film studio, we are pleased to have landed at Red Raion for the creation of an affordable custom CGI content solution, from concept to production, featuring our “Marmots “ IP to show in our snow parks.

We’ve very much enjoyed working with Red Raion and using the Magicboard. After reading the script, we got the chance to see the colored storyboard with clear scenes and included dialogues.

So, it has been really useful to us, both as a creative concept and as a tool that gave a clear achievable direction before starting the actual production of our movie and allowed us to make important decisions. It was very helpful and fun.

We are very much looking forward to our first film!

Hardware Manufacturers


Joe Graziano

Director of Sales, Entertainment, EMEA

I was first introduced to the team at Red Raion about 4 years ago and have considered them as my go to CGI content company ever since.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Red Raion in projects where content is required, and we also use their content in for trade shows and our product demonstrations.

I have not only found the team to be extremely professional in day-to-day activities but as a manufacturer of high-end visual displays, it is paramount for us to work with creators of content that are not only knowledgeable in their field but also considerate and sympathetic to the specialist performance requirements of our own technologies so that when viewed by our customers, they are amazed by the on screen results of combining superior technology with first class content


Richard Needham

Creative Director

Having worked with Red Raion in the past on film licensing, we knew they were experts in media-based attractions and therefore a very strong candidate, when it came to us looking for someone to help us produce Frostbite.

Because of the unique characteristics of out-of-home media-based attractions, Red Raion became a primary candidate for us because this is an area of the entertainment industry in which they have specialized.

I had a very clear vision of what I wanted Frostbite to look and feel like, and through this collaboration with Red Raion, we were able to exceed my expectations.

Dino Island III - FROSTBITE could really change the flying theater industry - it’s a true adventure film, and SimEx-Iwerks is really proud to work with Red Raion on this.

We’ve collaborated in that we’ve really developed the film, designed the environments, the story, it’s an extension of the two earlier Dino Island films, and we’re working together with Red Raion, with the animation and the dinosaur scenes, and it looks fantastic!


Mike Frueh

Senior VP, Licensing & Distribution

We began collaborating with Red Raion about 5 years ago as a distributor of some of their films, and have had a successful partnership since then. We continue distributing some of the content that they’ve produced and look forward to doing that again in the future.

Dino Island III - FROSTBITE could really change the flying theater industry - it’s a true adventure film, and SimEx-Iwerks is really proud to work with Red Raion on this.

We’ve collaborated in that we’ve really developed the film, designed the environments, the story, it’s an extension of the two earlier Dino Island films, and we’re working together with Red Raion, with the animation and the dinosaur scenes, and it looks fantastic!


Déborah Attal

Chief Sales Officer

We decided to work with Red Raion because they specialized in making custom CGI films dedicated to media-based attractions.

Why? Because it requires specific knowledge, you need to know how an attraction is going to be operated, how it moves, and every special effect used. 

The production studio must have an understanding of all these aspects, in order to optimize their work to the fullest. Then, we can have the effects of heat, the effects of wind, the effects of smell, of water. To make a film with lots of movement, which should be optimized, so that our platform is put to good use.


Shawn Forgaard

Sales and Marketing Director

Red Raion is one of our trusted production partners.

We love working with the team and can count on them to meet our needs, whether prerendered VR/3D content or interactive gaming.


Howard Kiedaisch


Red Raion’s strengths in telling a good story along with quality special effects marries up with our motion technology to create a fully immersive and engaging event.

As they say, content is king!


Ernest Yale

President, CEO and Founder

Red Raion is a dynamic animation movie production house.

This is key for Triotech as we like to work with media partners that have an integrated view of movie making and understand the world of attractions.


Bakit Baydaliev


At DOF Robotics, we design the fastest and most dynamic simulation platforms in the attractions industry. What we need is CGI video content that can keep up with the latest technology.

Having Red Raion as one of our best partners helped our business in many regards.

Their movies are exciting and thrilling for our clients and perfectly match our design philosophy.

Their specialization in virtual reality experiences is very important to us, as it allows us to rely on advanced movies, specifically designed for our industry.

Their proven track record with CGI movies makes our business easier, since hardware and software flawlessly work together.


Yana Fedorova

Head of BD

Fulldome.pro is always looking to partner with the pioneers of the industry.

We have been successfully working with many companies in the entertainment industry.

Being a young and progressive company with a lot of revolutionary ideas we definitely need support from companies with similar vision and strategy.

What we have experienced over the years, is that it is really hard to find high-quality content available for distribution and at a very reasonable cost.

As Red Raion is one of the leaders in high-quality CGI content production, we believe that dome format shows will be definitely the future.

The industry has a huge need for high-quality dome shows.


Paul Wiegand

Managing Director

If VR technology should be successful, then content is the key to bring it to the audience.

Red Raion - an Italian company and my partner - are dedicated to deliver content for VR technologies. The team has great ideas and a good feeling of what we need in this new market segment. They also understand the technology very well and animate their movies with the right understanding for speed and an excellent mix of effects. It is important to understand the concepts of the hardware very well to deliver the maximum result to the people.

Red Raion pushes the limits and is always a step ahead when it comes to VR content. The demand for content is growing in any direction and in any quality we wish that Red Raion continues to deliver that quality and grow with every production they do. We look into a great future.

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