Red Raion announces new brand identity

Welcome back to Red Raion TV.

This time, our video is a little different than the ones you’re used to watching. In this one, our Strategy Director Antonio Cannata, Creative Director Federico Laudani, and PR and Business Development Director Valeria Rizzo will tell you big news about our company.

You already know that we are getting ready to exhibit at the IAAPA Shanghai for the first time in the history of the company. Well, for the event, we rebranded our company into the CGI studio specialized in media based attractions.

The idea of rebranding came up after an extensive evaluation of what we have been doing in the past years. Yes, we can count on a collection of VR titles, but we also produced content in 5D and Dome formats, all created with the same focus on media based attractions.

We have also created exciting custom-built content for those venues with a strong thematization, and have successfully worked on different types of digital attractions, such as immersive tunnels, VR roller coasters, custom simulators, dome theaters, and flying theaters.

For this reason, VR in our brand position was too limiting and we wanted to move away from companies such as Distributions, Generic and Local companies, and the Hollywood studios.

As a matter of fact, Distributions don’t produce the content they sell but just work selling the ones created by others thus having no expertise on the different types of digital attractions. Generic and Local companies are focused on other types of 3D works with no or little connection to the attractions industry. And last but not least, the Hollywood studios that work producing top feature films, TV series, live action movies, and cartoons but for the big screen, which is totally different. What we wanted to do is to stand out by being an in-house production studio that is only specialized in the production of contents for the attractions industry. Today, we want professionals in our industry to see us as the CGI content partner specialized in media based attractions.

At the show, besides premiering our newest entry, Aladdin - The Bachelor Party on a dome simulator provided by one of our hardware partner Fulldome Pro, we will offer great advantages to those professionals dealing with us, such as keeping an updated CGI video library with attraction focused contents and having the opportunity to create a custom-built content designed around a theme.


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