Kees Albers: the creative mind behind Unlimited Snow
Kees Albers is a creative mind, who focuses on research and development to provide the most attractive, unique and appealing projects for any location. Besides being the Founder, Chairman, and former CEO of Unlimited Leisure Holding (encompassing Unlimited Snow, TapeMyDay,, HollandWorld), he is also an impressive ski-instructor, freestyle ski athlete and coach at the Olympic Winter Games.   He founded Unlimited Snow back in 1995. In a short time, it became the first company that provided all services for long-lasting indoor snow and ice experiences. It takes care of all the steps and fulfills the customer’s needs while keeping them informed by sharing and reporting all progress just in time for any change. It’s safe to say that Unlimited Snow provides snowy environments for any country, and it really doesn’t matter if it’s a tropical one or not.   Starting from research and provisional masterplans in the initial stage, all the way to the final result, Unlimited Snow’s creative minds continue to look for the best possible solutions to have the clients’ dreams come true. 3D representations and other forms of design documents are used in this creative process to inspire other parties invited in the task. Unlimited Snow’s architects, theme designers, engineers, and sub-consultants work together in the different steps to make the most creative design possible, while at the same time halt any possible issue before they rise.   Unlimited Snow knows that the success of theme parks heavily depends on the post-construction phase and its later phases. Guidance and support from top operators who are experts in snow and ice contribute to the success of important projects. That’s why Unlimited Snow can count on a team of operators and managers who are professionals in managing ski resorts, snow domes, indoor ski domes, and theme parks.   Together with the other members of the team, such as engineers, theme designers, trainers, and other staff members, Unlimited Snow creates operational plans and training schemes that are most suitable for each specific ready-to-sell project. Once ready, Unlimited Snow continues on providing an immersive experience with every detail of guest requirement and safety hazard already considered. According to Unlimited Snow, the guest experience and the consumers’ satisfaction remain crucial issues that should be monitored and taken care of with priority.   Whatever you may think of, if it involves snow or ice, Unlimited Snow can do it!   We have collaborated with him for the production of his custom-made movie featuring their snow marmots, for the upcoming 4D cinema located within a snowpark, signed by Unlimited Snow, in Oman. This snowpark will be inside the “Mall of Muscat”, which will open later this 2019.   What follows is what Kees Albers had to say regarding the collaboration with us when we worked to produce Unlimited Snow's custom content:
After an extensive search around the world for a good and creative animation film studio, we are pleased to have landed at Red Raion for the creation of an affordable 3D animation film solution, from concept to production, featuring our “Marmots “ IP to show in our snow parks. We’ve very much enjoyed working with Red Raion and are looking forward to our first film!

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