We present to you the keynote for Moby Dick – Friends to the Rescue!

Our Business Development Director and Creative Director explain what lies behind our new underwater CGI title for licensing

It’s extremely important for us to show you the process behind every content we produce. That is why we created our very first keynote presentation, which shows what lies behind the creation of our newest CGI film for licensing, Moby Dick - Friends to the Rescue!: from the marketing analysis to the creative approach, this keynote gives an insight into the process that brought this film to life. The title is inspired by the popular Moby Dick IP, revisited in a family-friendly key: produced in 5D, VR and Dome formats, the film follows the adventures of Willa, the little daughter of the famous and majestic Moby Dick: once again, the villain is captain Ahab, and once again he will be left empty-handed thanks to the help of the whale’s friends. Sara Menegazzi, the company’s Creative Director - who will be at the SEA Expo - declared:
Creating this kind of CGI content requires intense creative research, because you need to establish an immediate connection with your audience: everything has to happen quickly but at the same time it has to look spontaneous to the eye of the people who try the experience.
Valeria Rizzo, Red Raion’s Business Development Director, added:
We strongly wanted to illustrate how our products are born. We feel it’s important to show operators what’s the added value that our specialization brings to the CGI content we produce: each of our titles stems from deep research, both from a marketing and creative perspective, focused on giving operators the kinds of content that best fit their venues and target audience. We will be happy to talk about this process with the operators that will come to visit us in Riyadh!
Enjoy the keynote presentation of Moby Dick - Friends to the rescue!  


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