Get ready to fly with Volarium!

Thanks to a collaboration between Cinecittà World, Red Raion, and German and American Companies, now you can fly!

It is always a pleasure to share the good news, but when this news is not simply good, but great it is even better!

This year marks the anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci’s death, 500 years ago. For the occasion, Cinecittà World, the park that celebrates the history of Italian cinema, will be inaugurating Volarium, considered to be the most innovative attraction in Italy.

It’s a flying theater, a dynamic simulator that will allow visitors to fly over 10 meters high above Leonardo’s artworks and the 16th century Florence, the city where the genius lived.

Stefano Cigarini, CEO of Cinecittà World said “This attraction is the result of a global project, which involves a pool of Italian companies (Cinecittà World and Red Raion for the preshow), German companies (Simtec, which also signed the multimedia installations in Rome International Airport’s new Terminal), and American. A technological attraction that counts only a few in the world.”

The attraction starts on the ground floor where guests will be inside a supercomputer. They’ll be facing an Artificial Intelligence called D.I.O., which stands for Digital Intelligence Officer (and in Italian translates to God). This is when a futuristic looking elevator will lift the motion platform to the cinema level.

In front of them, there will be a huge 25 meters concave screen, which projects images in 4K, thus wrapping the audience and helping them immerse in the scene. Thanks to the movements and special effects, the viewers will have the feeling of flying.

As Stefano mentioned, we created the preshow for the attraction, where visitors will get to know D.I.O. better.

In the video we have produced for them, the Digital Intelligence Officer introduces himself to the public and has a dispute with “Pixel”, which of course was created by him. :)

During the inauguration ceremony, which will take place today at 10,30 am, the Lazio Parachuting Company’s athletes will dive from the sky and perform to welcome the visitors of the park.

With Volarium at Cinecittà World, the spectators will literally find themselves inside the film and the dream of Leonardo to fly will become reality!

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