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FICO Eataly World

Bringing the park’s shop windows to life


Legacy of the 2015 World Expo in Milan, FICO Eataly World is the Italian theme park dedicated to food.


In the briefing phase, it was very clear from the very beginning that the park was not just about eating, or buying food, or learning a few notions about it: FICO Eataly World had the clear objective to make its guests experience food.

And experiencing food means learning where it comes from, who makes it and how. What the company asked us was to help explain, in simple and fun ways, all the processes leading to the creation of the food products by all the companies in the park, from raw materials to their customers’ tables.


We produced the custom CGI content that, through video projection, animates the shop windows of the park’s booths, giving life to the work of the 13 factories displaying their food-making processes in the park: the park’s guests get to observe how these companies work and understand exactly how the Italian food excellences that are famous all over the world are made.


FICO is a peculiar park with its working food factories, and Red Raion made it even more clear to the public, thanks to their specially developed content, what a factory inside FICO is and what happens within it. The final result of the work done by Red Raion largely reflects the idea we initially had for FICO. In some cases, in my opinion, it has even improved compared to our expectations!  Red Raion was very good at understanding the needs of FICO firstly, but also, above all, of the various operators and companies. The factories and operators working inside the factory were enthusiastic. Some of them saw their goal fully reflected, some others did not expect it, they were skeptical, but looking at the result, they definitely changed their mind. The aspect that we appreciated most in the collaboration with Red Raion was undoubtedly the professionalism but especially the patience that all the staff of Red Raion had to understand our needs and above all those of the companies. 12 different food companies with their own needs, and each one managed to have the perfect product for FICO and above all for them, a product that fully reflected their working idea. So, they were very very very patient. A huge thank you from me and all the FICO staff!

Giuseppe Gramellini, Head of the Factories Area, FICO Eataly World

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