AIDA CGI Dinner Experience

CGI Dining Experience • AIDA Cruises

AIDA CGI Dinner Experience

The newest journey through time and space in the AIDAcosma cruise ship


AIDA Cruises is a German cruise line founded in the early 1960s and organized as a wholly owned subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & plc, the world's largest travel leisure company, since 2003.


The AIDAcosma cruise was already featuring a dining experience, so what they needed was a new one to renew the offer for their passengers.

The entire art direction was managed by Leisure Expert Group, which also took care of organizing the live show with the actors during dinner.


The attraction, designed by Leisure Expert Group and featuring the custom CGI content we created, consists of a 90-minute time travel experience taking place during dinner on the ship.

We created the CGI custom content "2125 - An Adventurous Journey Through Time and Space" for this attraction entirely during the global pandemic, so testing everything on-site both during and after the production was essential to reach optimal results.


From a technical point of view, we have installed the content on 31 screens, divided into 26 groups, divided into 8 setups. Each of these has four chambers, with a few exceptions. Everything had to be perfectly coordinated with a specific timing to go in rhythm with the actors and the duration of 90 minutes pushed us towards a fascinating challenge, as there is specific timing that cannot be modified: the combination of live-performing actors and CGI content makes the cruise’s guests feel the thrill of an adventure as if the ship was actually traveling through time!


In addition, the entire attraction has two different macro-sections, one for the side screens and one for the screens placed on the roofs, which synchronize with each other with different images. The side screens format is 3840x2160, the ceiling ones are 3840x4320 and 3840x3240.

2125 - An Adventurous Journey Through Time And Space is available on the AIDAcosma cruise ship by AIDA cruises.

Marjolein van de Stolpe, CEO, Leisure Expert Group

We’ve experienced Red Raion to be a pleasant and reliable partner in our team. Listening well to feedback, displaying a great amount of flexibility, respecting deadlines and good and open communication about any issues that arise makes us feel very comfortable working with them.

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