BonBon Land: Denmark has a sweet tooth for fun!

A fun venue for the entire family

  BonBon Land, Denmark's candy-themed park, firstly opened its doors on April 16, 1992, but back then it was not a strongly thematized big venue, like it is now: it started as a candy shop with a cinema, a shop and 4 duck boats. And it wasn't even a candy shop like the others: let’s just say that its sweets had very extravagant names. Have you ever tried to eat Mågeklatter (Seagull droppings), Tisse-bleer (wee wee nappies) or Øre-voks (Ear wax)? Because of their names, these candies became extremely popular, and people from all over Denmark started organizing trips to the outrageous sweet shop! Kids, parents and teachers, they all wanted to see how the Hundeprutter they loved so much were made: but soon, due to the Danish strict hygiene regulations that actually didn’t allow it, the owner - Michael Spangsberg - had to think of something. The following year, they opened a small sweet workshop that children could visit to learn how to make their own candy, and in 1993 the park had its first ride, the “Dog Fart Roller Coaster”. BonBon Land had a huge and immediate success and in no time: it became one of the Dutch’s major parks, and it moved to become one of Denmark’s major theme parks. In 2008 the park stopped being a family-operated center and joined the big Spanish-based entertainment company Parques Reunidos. Today, the park offers over 60 different attractions and many activities throughout the whole venue. Until 1998, BonBon Land covered an area of 85.000 m² but in 2003, with the connection with the opening of ’Vildsvinet’, the park had to expand yet again to cover 130.000 m², which is now its current size. Despite the adult orientation of its content, BonBon Land has always focused on experiences thought for the whole family. In 2010, the park added a 4D cinema to its list of attractions, which offers two of the CGI titles created by us here at Red Raion. Pinocchio - a Modern Tale and Peter Pan - Saving Tinkerbell are the 4D films that are currently entertaining children and adults who visit the park. Here's what Mattis Willms, General Manager at BonBon Land, said about the park's experience with us and our CGI content:
"We have used Red Raion’s contents for the third year in a row and we have had a very good experience with the company. We are talking directly with a production studio without any middlemen involved. We are also pleased with the quality of the movies and the value offered. If we have any questions, they are always quick to help. I can give Red Raion my best recommendations."

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