Who are theme park goers and what do they do at your venue?

Who are theme park goers and what do they do at your venue?

Each theme park is a world on its own. Every venue owns those distinct features that make it standing out from the others. However, sometimes looking at the bigger picture can help amusement professionals to understand where room for improvement is, in order to attract new customers and fine-tune the overall visitors experience.

Studying the common traits that amusement parks share can help you understanding who your potential customers are and which kind of experience they expect from your venue.

We will take into account the IAAPA Amusement Park Benchmark Report, that has been edited by the IAAPA itself together with Euromonitor Consulting, which is a firm focused on strategic global market research with over 40 years of experience.

In the report, that was unveiled to the public on June 2017, readers have at their disposal an impressive choice of charts and tables, that show the current state of the amusement industry.

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The statistics included in the report confirm that amusement parks hold a strong allure for kids. 26% of the customers are between 3 and 11 years old. And, of course, kids need their parents to visit parks: one guest out of four is aged between 25 and 49. These numbers tell us that, even if the years go by, amusement parks are still a great option to have a family trip. Families are going to be the main target audience for years ahead.

But, how long does the tour last? The average time for the visit is between 5 and 8 hours. That means that you have to do a great first impression on your audience: 53% of the guests will visit your park once a year. It’s one of those days people will remember for a long time, though: a theme park tour is a great way to spend a special day together with the kids. When your visitors will come back home, they’ll share their experience with their friends. Impressing your customers is the best way to generate new ones.

Even if the destination is definitely amusing, a tour in the theme park is a time investment for your guests. The average length of the trip to reach the park is 61.7 miles, which can be quite tiring for many. That’s why your guests need to immediately feel at home when they reach your venue!

To sum up, families are the main audience of amusement parks, the visit lasts around 6 hours and most of the times it’s a once a year experience. That means that you need to greet your guests with a media-based attraction that will make the tour unforgettable since the beginning! This is the most straightforward way to introduce your venue to your guests and start off the tour with the right mood!

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