Meet Michał Oczkowski, Content Expert for Eastern Europe!
The Content Experts team keeps growing! Here’s to you Michał Oczkowski, Content Expert for the Eastern European area! Michał joined the leisure and amusement industry in 2011, when he started to work as a sales representative at Budgast - at that time it was one of the leading producers of media based attractions in Poland, and it also sold custom and licensed content. When he left Budgast, some of the managers he had been working with approached him to ask help finding CGI content for future seasons - and, since that moment, this became his full-time job! What Michał intends to do now that he’s joined the Red Raion Content Experts team, is to bring the clients’ attractions to a new level, helping them find the best CGI content for their media-based attractions in order to attract more guests into their venues. He believes that, joining the team, he will now be able to offer the best quality CGI content on the market In his own words:
The situation on the market changes dynamically. If you desire to keep ahead of your competition and bring the best experience to your venue, Red Raion has the tools and expertise to make it happen. 
It’s a pleasure to have Michał in our Content Experts team, and we’re sure we will reach great heights together!

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