D-Box knows how to enhance immersive content
D-BOX Technologies is a pioneer and world leader in immersive, high-definition motion experiences. The company, founded in 1998, creates hyper-realistic, immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body and sparking the imagination through motion. The purpose of D-BOX Motion Systems and motion codes is indeed to transfer true-to-life motion and vibrations from the screen to the audience so that every single viewer can feel the action and live a powerful and truly immersive experience. The company expertise, earned over years of hard work and great achievements, is one of the many reasons why D-BOX is currently the number one in the field of motion simulation. Likewise, another key factor of its success has been its willingness to collaborate with some of the best companies in the world to deliver new ways to enhance great stories. That’s why we couldn’t be prouder to be their partner! As recently announced, Red Raion and D-BOX Technologies are partnering to offer the best immersive experiences through their respective expertise in CGI content for media based attractions on one hand, and motion simulations on the other. In fact, it is the idea that perfect synchronization between content and motion is the key element to deliver a truly immersive experience that brought us together to become a point of reference for attraction business players looking for the best. Here’s what Sébastien Mailhot, CEO of D-Box, thinks about the collaboration with us as CGI content creators:
“We are thrilled to start a new partnership with such an innovative and inspiring production studio as we believe that content is king! When consumers are always expecting the unexpected, we at D-BOX are seeking for new ways to surprise and enhance any entertainment experiences. Red Raion stands as a perfect and natural fit for us, as we are both looking to provide state-of-the-art attractions and amaze consumers.”

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