Aladdin – The Bachelor Party is the new CGI content for Brogent Technologies’ i-Ride flying theaters
In the last couple of years, there has been an exponential rise in the popularity of Flying Theaters around the world. Flying theaters fulfill the human dream of soaring through the sky - these media-based attractions’ popularity is increasing day by day, also thanks to the constantly advancing technology for entertainment. And as you may know, as the offer is not as high as with other kinds of CGI content, in the last years we’ve been answering the increasing demand for titles in this format, creating our own catalog of fly movies for licensing! With over 20 years of experience in the field and their hardware spread all over the world, Brogent Technologies offers several motion-based rides, among which the i-Ride flying theaters: the Asian company chose to take the guests of their i-Ride Taipei and Kaohsiung Flying Theaters on a magic carpet ride with our movie for licensing Aladdin - The Bachelor Party, for a limited run until the end of May 2022.     According to the company, this experience has already been well received both by the audience and the media! The words from Director of Sales & Marketing of Brogent, Stefan Rothaug:
Our flying theatre systems are designed for maximum content flexibility. We are always looking for new and innovative media content that can profit from the agility that is an integral part of technology and the main reason why riders around the world love our flying theatres. The Aladdin movie is a good example for this kind of flying theater content.
Valeria Rizzo, Red Raion’s Business Development Director, added:
At Red Raion we never stop studying, following the market’s evolution, and asking operators in the industry what their future looks like. We are expanding our offer for Flying Theaters as well as for the other formats we produce, because we want to give operators a wide choice of CGI content to offer to their guests. Brogent Technologies is a forward-thinking company that constantly looks for new ways to amaze their audiences by finding the CGI content that pairs best with their hardware, so we’re happy that they chose our Aladdin movie and that it’s being so well received!

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