Bakit Baydaliev from DOF Robotics: when sky is not the limit

The hard job of creating high-quality simulation with an addictive effect

  DOF Robotics is a Turkish hardware manufacturer that produces the fastest and most dynamic simulation platforms in the amusement industry. The company was founded in 2006 but ever since its debut in the industry of fun, it fast achieved success. It installed its motion platforms in over 250 locations worldwide and in no time, it made its presence well known. The high level of simulation, the speed, and accurate synchronization are the key elements behind the success of the Turkish based company. All these effects are what they believe stand behind the addictive effect that they want to convey to the people who try out their digital attractions. Considering that technology in entertainment has its own determined details, DOF considers it very important to adapt it to the customer’s needs and demands. The company knows very well how to entertain people and achieve an addictive effect on them. There are moments where we want to fly, feel on the edge, fall in it, ride on high speed and feel the gravity effect. To achieve a high-quality simulation, DOF uses electromechanical technology, high-end automation, and parts and elements that instantly react to the passive and active simulation. We can state that DOF Robotics perfectly knows how to entertain people and achieve a strongly addictive effect on them, thus earning its clients a much higher revenue. The company develops: Flying Theaters, Dome Theaters, XD and 4D Theaters, Immersive Tunnels, VR and AR media-based attractions, Dark Rides, and other types of customized simulation rides for the amusement industry.  

DOF Robotic's Hurricane 360 VR

  Bakit Baydaliev has been the Co-Founder and CEO of this great company since 2012, and one who we consider being a pioneer in the leisure industry. With a clever and innovative mind like him as head of this company, the sky won’t be the limit anymore! For this reason, we are very thrilled to share with you his thoughts about his collaboration with us as content creators for their latest generation simulators:  
“At DOF Robotics, we design the fastest and most dynamic simulation platforms in the attractions industry. What we need is video content that can keep up with the latest technology. Having Red Raion as one of our best partners helped our business in many regards. Their movies are exciting and thrilling for our clients and perfectly match our design philosophy. Their specialization in virtual reality experiences is very important to us, as it allows us to rely on advanced movies, specifically designed for our industry. Their proven track record with CGI movies makes our business easier since hardware and software flawlessly work together.”

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