Storyboard: the hidden superpower you didn’t know you had

Storyboard: the hidden superpower you didn’t know you had

Tailor-made movies are great. As you already know, this is the way to go if you are in charge of running a theme park, a museum, a brand or any other thematized venue.

However, there are some questions you have to ask yourself before to plunge into your new project:

  • How should I choose my supplier?
  • Which kind of story should I tell?
  • How can I get a preview of the final movie?

As you can see, it’s no small thing. When there are huge investments involved you should take advantage of solid evidences to make your choice.

You have to avoid any bad surprises. And you have a secret weapon that will allow you to actually foretell the future and discover the final outcome of your movie before starting working on it!

Do you really want to be completely sure you’ll amaze everybody with a custom-built movie? You have to start off on the right foot. This is when the storyboard comes into play.

The storyboard is the shortcut to understand the real potential of a movie.

Maybe you’re asking yourself why one of the most overlooked details is actually the most influential tool in movie production. Well, in order to understand that we have to analyze what is the storyboard and what are the features that make it unique. This is something only an in-house video production studio can tell you!

What is a storyboard?

Basically, a storyboard is like a stripped-down comic book. It’s made with a series of frames, which represent the sequence of events in the film. As the script translates thoughts into words, the storyboard translates words into drawings.

The storyboard is of great help to figure out if the plot can actually work. It’s the best way to visualize what the film could look like beforehand. Computer graphics animation is fantastic but it involves a lot of process behind the scenes. A great storyboard helps minimizing production risks.

Storyboards allow to experiment with changes in the storyline. These changes are very important to evoke emotions in the audience. Often, the most surprising and exciting scenes in a movie are made up by arranging parts of the storyboard in a different order. It’s a simple trick that does the job!

During this process, 3D artists, modelers and animators brainstorm together. The process of visual thinking helps fostering more ideas: every movie is the outcome of a tight collaboration between skilled professionals.

Even the best masterpieces start off from a simple storyboard.

The storyboard from a business perspective

Apart from its artistic value - that is unquestionable - the storyboard is the best tool to understand if a movie can be useful for your business or not. It's not something for artists only. Even experienced professionals like you should take the storyboard into account in the decision-making process.

Let’s see three common situations where having a storyboard can help you out when choosing your next tailor-made movie.

#1 You plan to get a custom-made film in the future, but you still don’t know when

During a meeting, someone chimes in with the idea to get a new movie for your theme park. All the board members decide this is the right move to do, but there is no budget for the project at the moment. You know how these things go when you procrastinate, right? The time goes by and getting a new video becomes a priority all of a sudden. Eventually, you and your team need to hurry up to find out how to solve this issue.

Haste is a poor counselor.

Having a storyboard beforehand will help you avoiding this situation. How? You can see it yourself. Imagine that after the first meeting you contacted a production studio and got the storyboard of your movie. It would have been much easier to decide, isn’t it? When your partners decide that it’s time to develop a new movie you will show everybody a professionally created storyboard with all the details the new film will have. It’s such a relief to work when everything goes smooth!

#2 You are not sure you will work with the right company

Deciding to produce a tailor-made movie involves a giant leap of faith from your side. You have to completely trust your supplier and hope the final video will be good. Even if you partner up with the most known company in the industry, you cannot be 100% sure they will deliver you a product that will completely suit your venue.

The storyboard is the perfect tool to understand if you’re working with the right company. When you take a look at a storyboard, only by watching the sketches and reading few a lines from the plot, you’re able to visualize in your mind the final movie.

An image is worth a thousand words. And a storyboard is worth a thousand images.

In this case, the storyboard becomes an important benchmark to evaluate if a company can give you everything you need. If you have never worked with a given studio before, getting a storyboard from them will help you understanding if the partnership will be profitable or not.

#3 You don’t know when you will have your movie

If you get in touch with someone who knows nothing about you and your project, chances are you have to wait for a long time before getting your movie done. You want to use your custom-built film as soon as possible. It’s not asking too much, right?

But, if you already have a storyboard, you know that when the time to produce the final movie comes there’s a team ready to work for you! A team that knows everything about your project. It’s a faster and easier communication process. And it’s made possible by a simple trick: getting the storyboard before the production actually starts.

Final thoughts

As you can see, the storyboard is not something for movie fanatics only. Actually, it can be your secret weapon to get a tailor-movie done the way you want to.

  • You will be able to get familiar with your movie.
  • Even if you don’t plan to get a new tailor-made film now, you know that is the right thing to do. With a storyboard at your disposal you will have a lot more than an idea to show to your board when it’ll be time to develop a new movie!
  • A storyboard is the perfect way to be sure you're working with the right company.
  • When you want to produce the final movie, the production team is ready to work for you.

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