"We’ve very much enjoyed working with Red Raion and using the Magicboard. After reading the script, we got the chance to see the colored storyboard with the clear scenes and included dialogues. So, it has been really useful to us, both as a creative concept and as a tool that gave a clear achievable direction before starting the actual production of our movie and allowed us to make important decisions. It was very helpful and fun. We are very much looking forward to our first film!"

Kees Albers CEO of Unlimited Leisure Holding

Do you want to be completely sure that your custom-built content will come out as you've imagined it?  

Usually, if you need a tailor-made content of any kind you have to sign a contract that commits you to pay for the full service before the production starts.

That means that you will discover the final result only at the end of the process, when it'll be too difficult to make changes.

Magicboard allows amusement professionals to instantly see how their tailor-made content will be like before producing it.  


  • Magicboard consists of a storyboard and a detailed script that will allow you to immediately visualize the final video.
  • No bad surprises, no unpredictable delivery times, no unexpected costs.
  • A project designed around your venue. A work of art you have total control upon. Do you want to change a character? Want to add a detail? Now you can!
  • Transparent and straightforward communication process. By relying on a CGI in-house studio, you will have a direct relationship with the professionals who will actually develop your Magicboard and who can create your custom-built content.
  • Ideas turn into reality. Magicboard will be your secret weapon during the meetings with your board when it'll be time to produce the new CGI content for the new season!  

When we show their Magicboard to our clients who choose us for their custom projects, they immediately realize the full potential of the story that will be on the screen.  

Do you want a proof?

Click the button below: a form will appear. Just fill it with your shipping details and we will send you a Magicboard sample for FREE! 

You will receive a physical sample on your desk, so you can imagine how your Magicboard will be like!  



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