Post-production: the cherry on top of immersive movies

The process in which we add a little magic to the final content

  In this article we want to open the doors of our CGI studio and have you take a sneak peek at the post-production process in the creation of a CGI content. So keep reading! During post-production, our 3D artists add a little bit of magic to the movie. A couple of finishing touches and another movie will be completed. However, if you have read until here, you already know that we take care of every detail when it comes to movie production. Post-production makes no exception. If you overlook it, the rest of the job could be totally wasted. And nobody in the team wants that! Post-production is like a final rush after a marathon: it’s one of the most important parts of the race. Remember: a production studio is always highly committed when producing a film!  


This is one of the skills that are exclusive to cinematic arts. During this stage, the scenes are put in proper order and arranged to foster the narration. Great editing can really make the difference as it can help the audience to understand the story and immerse itself in it. It’s an invisible art, but it’s present in every movie you watch, immersive or not. At the same time, during this production step, our visual arts team produces all the promotional material for the movie: covers, press releases, and trailers are all created now.  

Color Correction

Every movie has a palette of colors that reflects the atmosphere of the film. Color correction is the activity that gives visual coherence to the movie by assigning it the appropriate color. It may seem like too nitpicky, but, really, having a properly calibrated set of colors inside a movie is very important to help the storytelling. One thing’s for sure: a poorly made (or worse, absent) color correction is very disturbing and ruins the atmosphere of the film.  
Post-production: color correction from Red Raion CGI movie Inferno

Before/after color correction: a frame of our CGI movie "Inferno"



Do you want to make a movie about your brand or museum and want a character to tell your story with his/her voice? We will record all of your characters’ speeches during this stage. As you already know, ride films don’t require a lot of talking - they go straight to the action. But when we create a custom-built movie in which characters are required to express themselves with their voices, this when the dubbing actors jump in.  


Music and sound effects: there’s no movie without a proper soundtrack! Sound really contributes to the general atmosphere of the movie. It helps the audience to feel the emotions planned during pre-production. Can you see it? All the steps of the creative process are linked to each other! That’s why finding the right music is so important. A soundtrack can change the perception of the movie among the audience. It’s not something you can ignore: every movie has its ideal soundtrack to underline the most important transitions of the story. Music has the power to stress emotions in an immediate way. The beauty of immersive movies lies in these elements: stereoscopy, special effects, computer graphics, music and other technological tricks all work together to put the spectator at the core of the experience.  

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