Interview with Helenio Ferretti, Sales Manager of Ferretti International

What makes the Italian Gravity 360° unique

Helenio Ferretti is the Sales Manager of Ferretti International, a hardware manufacturing company that is specialized in the creation of cutting-edge simulators for the attractions industry.

The company was founded in 1977 by Helenio’s father, Mr. Gianluigi Ferretti. In the last 20 years, the company has directed its business towards the creation of Simulators and immersive cinemas.

What makes Ferretti International stand out compared to their competitors, is the quality of the materials used to build their hardware, which is all made in Italy. Ferretti is one of our hardware partners and we exhibited with him during our first DEAL Dubai last April. During the trade show, Ferretti presented its new motion base simulator, “Gravity 360°”. This gem is able to combine 360° movements with the most advanced contents in the industry. It is suitable for both VR head-mounted visors or screens, and in both cases, it creates a truly simulating experience.

We asked Mr. Ferretti for a minute of his time to answer a few questions for us, and he was more than available to answer and give us a sneak-peak on his work at Ferretti International.

Why did you found a company specialized in digital attractions? Tell us how Ferretti International came to life.
Ferretti International was founded in 1999 after having sold simulators that were built in the UK by Flight Avionics for a few years. After this experience as retailers, installing and maintaining the Flight Avionics’ simulators, we wanted to build a simulator that could totally be made in Italy by using the experience gained in the time being. The first device, made in 1999, had 11 seats and is still operating in Turin. During the years, we have expanded the selection by also producing the Boeing 747 with 7 seats, the Boeing 777 with 11 seats, the 3-seats F3, and in the last 12 years cinemas that range from 9 to 25 seats. Today, we can count on 400 systems installed around the world.

Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular in the industry of fun. You took VR to the next level with “Gravity 360°”. Can you tell our readers what is Gravity 360° and how does it differ from other simulators?
Gravity 360° is our latest model. It’s a 3-seat simulator equipped with the Oculus Go visors, which is able to simulate all the movements and rotate of 360°. What is different from other simulators in the market, is the fact that we have total control over the rotation movements. We can control the position, meaning that we can stop the device in whatever position, go back to 0 or rotate for 180° or 210°. This control is obtained with the aid of patented Servo-reducers.

Ferretti International has a strong presence in the Middle-East. Why did you decide to focus on this market?
We focused on the Middle-East because it’s a rich market that is always looking for innovations. We have been already selling there for the past 20 years, establishing ourselves in this region. In addition, our clients there are extremely satisfied with the products they buy from us and are constantly asking for new and improved attractions.

What are you going to present at DEAL Dubai 2019? What are you expecting from the partnership with Red Raion?
At Deal Dubai 2019 we will present Gravity 360° with all of Red Raion’s films, but in particular with “Inferno” and “Pinocchio - A Modern Tale”, which perfectly adapt to our kind of attraction.
From our collaboration with Red Raion, I am expecting fresh contents that we can offer our clients.

What is the most requested attraction created by Ferretti International and why do you think your clients appreciate it so much?
Today, the most requested attraction is the 9-seat cinema SKYNINE, because it has a great price and 9 seats. It’s the right compromise between a great buying price and expected revenues.

Contents that are specifically made for the attractions industry highlight the hardware. Why did you choose Red Raion’s films for your leading attraction?

The reason why we have chosen Red Raion’s films is that they have a large number of movies all of great quality, and since we use VR it was the smartest thing to do. Red Raion is the company that has the widest range of excellent quality VR films.

According to you, what will the next disrupting technology that could change the industry be?
I believe it might be the Dome, the one where there’s no need to use 3D glasses or visors, where we’re simply immersed in the contents. I also think of our Gravity. I think it’s perfect for this kind of Dome.

If you’ll be attending DEAL 2019 and want to speak with an attraction focused movie production company that can provide you with advanced movies, specifically designed for our industry, you can schedule your meeting with us by choosing the slot that suits you best

Hurry though, the slots available are about to run out!

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