Do you manage a simulator? This is why ride films are better than attraction films for you

Do you manage a simulator? This is why ride films are better than attraction films for you


Immersive films are not created equally. You can find 5D movies of all kinds: funny, dynamic, entertaining, but also poetic, imaginative, moving. Each 5D film has features and characteristics that make it different from the others.

5D films divide into two groups: ride films and attraction films. What’s the difference? How to understand which genre a movie belongs to? And - most importantly - what genre is best if you own a simulator?

Just a suggestion before to start: try to keep in mind these questions while reading:

  • What does my audience really want?

  • What kind of emotions do your guests want to try?

  • Why do they decide to try a 5D film?

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty of the matter.

The average movie length is very different

The first characteristic that really stands out is the difference in length between ride and attraction films. On average a ride film lasts about 5 minutes. Attraction films, instead, don’t follow any rule of thumb in that regard. Usually they last about 10-15 minutes, but it’s possible to find attraction films that last 30 minutes or more.

Why this difference?

A ride film is a race against time: after a brief introduction, the spectator starts to live an adventure from the point of view of the main character. A surprising ride that usually finishes with an unexpected ending.

On the other hand, an attraction film is an actual short film that is perfect for theme parks, brands and museums that desire to tell their story. The point of view is in third person. In a ride film the most important things are emotion and involvement; in an attraction film the main feature is the story and the graphical beauty.

Why is a short 5D movie better for simulators than a long one?

  • It’s impossible to get bored;
  • It’s more captivating;
  • You can earn more since you can arrange more shifts in the same period of time;
  • It’s perfect both for kids and adults.

Why should you choose a long movie if you don't have the need to tell your audience a story? If you usually get movies under license, there's no point about using an attraction movie. Attraction films are ideal only when you need a custom-built solution and you want to tell a story. If you own a simulator, generic pre-built attraction films will only cause boredom. What's more, you won’t earn that much from it and it won't engage with younger generations.

XD theater aren’t like traditional ones. It’s almost the opposite, actually. A movie produced in 5D is very different from one that is created for the traditional big screen.

People who are interested in watching a short film or a traditional movie, usually choose traditional cinema - and it’s perfectly normal. A generic attraction film can be very beautiful from a graphical point of view (and tailor-made attraction films with a great intriguing story are beautiful indeed!), but, really, what’s the point of watching at something if it’s not so meaningful? If you were to watch a long movie that is not part of a whole experience (like the one you can have at a theme park), wouldn’t you rather go to a traditional theater to watch a proper film produced for old-fashioned cinema?

The customers who choose to experience a 5D film want to be upset, they want to live a story in first person - attending a movie without interacting it’s plainly disappointing for them.

And what is that makes 5D movies what they are? Effects, of course.

There are tons of effects in a 5D ride and you want to try them all. In a ride - a mad one! - you mustn’t be too subtle. You have 5 minutes to enjoy one of the most exciting moments of your life.

The same can’t be told about attraction movies sold under license. Thrills and excitement are replaced by a tidy narration as effects are replaced by images. In a ride film, effects and motion-base movements are fundamental to tighten the tension. For simulators, effects that can be found in attraction films are only embellishments, they only underline certain transitions the story.

Imagine to be among those people who are in line to come into your theater. The wait is over, you’re given the glasses to watch the movie in 3D. You’re inside, can you see those seats? They are able to simulate a world of physical sensations. You cannot wait to try all the effects. You cannot wait to experience unparalleled emotions.

Your audience wants to go beyond the reality we already know. Beyond expectations. Beyond imagination.

Do you really think an attraction film can match your audience needs? Well, if you are managing a simulator that uses movies under license, you're on the wrong path.

What about international audiences? There is another thing you should always keep in mind when choosing a movie for your XD theater…

The most part of ride films don’t use dialogues at all. The best way to live this kind of story is through action. Words are unnecessary, you want to get to the point soon! By contrast, dialogues have a very important role in attraction films. Without explanations is very difficult to understand what’s going on on the screen.

Why is this so important for you? Simulators, XD theaters are visited every day from thousands of people coming from everywhere in the world. A ride film can easily fit with every kind of audience. Everybody can take advantage of your multi-sensory content.

An attraction film is very different. Dialogs are fundamental, thanks to verbal communication the story can take place. And what about those who don’t speak the language the characters use? What will they understand? Being the witness of an unintelligible conversation is always frustrating. A lot of people are not able to enjoy your film. This is no small thing.

Wrap up

If you own a simulator that takes advantage of movies under license 5D ride film is better than an attraction film because:

  • A first person movie is always more captivating than a third person one;
  • It’s a super fast dynamic experience;
  • It won’t bore anyone ever;
  • You can arrange more shifts and earn more;
  • Everyone (kids, adults, people coming from everywhere in the world) will enjoy it;
  • To put it simply: your audience will have great fun!

Are you ready to take off at top speed with a brand new 5D ride film for your theater? Check out our 5D ride films in full-length!

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