Red Raion produces Simex-Iwerks Entertainment First Custom Flying Theater Film

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment is delivering a new flying theater experience, Frostbite – Dino Island III, produced in partnership with Red Raion, which created the CGI content for the experience. Frostbite is SimEx-Iwerks’ first custom produced film for flying theater experiences and will be available for worldwide distribution in spring 2023. A show teaser is available at the IAAPA Expo, Booth #654.

In 2020, SimEx-Iwerks launched FlyRide®, a family-friendly attraction taking guests on an unforgettable adventure as they fly and dive through the action on the screen. Since the launch, SimEx-Iwerks recognized the need for incredible flying theater content for not only its own theaters, but also for flying theaters around the globe.  

SimEx-Iwerks is the largest distributor of 4D Experiences® and Motion Ride films in partnership with the world’s best studios. “Similar to what we did for our 4D and motion attractions, we are drawing on our experience to build a catalog of high-quality, adventure-based flying theater films,” said Mike Frueh, Senior Vice President, Licensing and Distribution. “Frostbite is distinctly different from the live-action, regional-based themes of most flying films.”

Red Raion is the CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions, with a long track record in creating custom content for unique experiences all over the world. “We are proud to have shared with SimEx-Iwerks this adventure with their successful Dino Island series” added Valeria Rizzo, Business Development Director at Red Raion. “5 years ago, we started our collaboration starting from our 5D movies for licensing and now we are glad to announce that this partnership can be renewed, and we can’t wait to show everyone the result of our work”.

Frostbite takes guests to the coast of Antarctica for the opportunity to see frozen dinosaurs preserved within ice caves, as well as see a dormant volcano. Without warning, the volcano erupts, and the Ice caves experience dramatic flash melting. This causes the dinosaurs to unfreeze, very much alive, leaving us face-to-face with the world’s fiercest predators.

The show is currently in post-production; a teaser can be seen at both the SimEx-Iwerks (#2249) and Red Raion (#654) booths during the IAAPA Expo.

Frostbite will launch in flying theaters and motion theaters in the spring with a 4D Experience version later in 2023. Follow SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment on LinkedIn and Facebook for updates on new projects and openings, film releases, and historical moments from the company’s rich history.

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