Red Raion presents: Black Hole – The Multiverse War

Prepare to experience the newest and highest-quality space movie in the attractions business

  Here at Red Raion we are ready to take you to a spectacular space ride! But be careful: it will not be all fun and games, because, in case you didn’t know, a war is being fought in space and you will have to avoid being hit! We haven’t gone crazy: we’re talking about our new CGI title: Black Hole - The Multiverse War! Black Hole - The Multiverse War is not the usual space title: it’s a great, futuristic adventure that will take your guests to new, unexplored, never-seen-before universes! This film will make your audience live the incredible experience of finding themselves lost in space, between debris, asteroids, and bubbles, chased by some big creatures that are going to have them in dire straits! But don’t worry: the Space Fleet is going to do everything in its power to help them, and it will even send a special friend that knows the way and will guide them through it all!      So, as they’re desperately looking for an escape route, this fun robot will make them cross a black hole that will take them to some very different, not-so-safe universes!  This extreme adventure will blow their mind: a futuristic war in outer space where they will meet some of the most dangerous creatures that inhabit space and to avoid them at any cost, all with a little help from a friend! Unexplored universes, space monsters, friendship, and great special effects: trapped between asteroids and enemies, your guests will feel the thrill of inescapability, and then finally know what it means to have a friend that will help them be safe, no matter what. Available in 5D, VR and Dome formats, Black Hole - The Multiverse war is the perfect combo of fun, adrenaline and adventure and it’s for guests of any age!

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