Red Raion’s new clothes

We present you the new design and content of our website

We often talk about how ride movies are exciting experiences where fast-paced adventures unfold in no longer than 5 minutes; well, thinking about it, we noticed that Red Raion’s story resembles a ride movie, because since its foundation, in 2015, so many things happened…

The only difference between Red Raion and a ride film is that the latter at some point ends, whereas we feel like we could go on forever!

Since the studio has been growing exponentially, we felt it was the right time to show our evolution with a renewed look, with a new website able to contain all the projects we’ve signed in these years.

What we wanted was a more complete image of the company, not just to showcase our work but to offer you a real insight into our world, our production process, and our CGI content.

For this reason, we completely redesigned the experience to make the website both easy to navigate and deeply focused on giving you all the information you need about the company and our products.

First of all, you will find two new sections dedicated to our custom and licensed CGI content, with extensive data sheets about every single piece of content we’ve produced, both custom and for licensing. This way, everything concerning these titles will be much easier to navigate and discover!

We have also added a new section dedicated to our case studies: there, you will find in-depth information about the entire production process of the custom CGI projects we have worked on, from the briefing to the final result.

Speaking of results, we’ve created a page to collect what our clients and partners say about Red Raion so that you’re prepared in terms of what to expect if we will work together.

We’re confident that our new website now better reflects Red Raion’s identity: we hope that it will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in our work, giving you the best possible navigating experience when you’re looking for the perfect CGI content for your media-based attractions.

We invite you to navigate it all and discover the world of Red Raion!

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