Red Raion and Unlimited Leisure are happy to present Miko and the Spell of the Stone!

Thanks to a collaboration between us and Unlimited Leisure we are immensely proud to present "Miko & the Spell of the Stone".

The immersive custom-built movie will be premiering at the Mall of Muscat by the end of this 2019, with the inauguration of Unlimited Snow’s newest venue.

As a matter of fact, the new mall will be featuring the first snow-based theme park in Oman. Located on the mall’s third floor, the park will be made up of a warm and a cold zone. The first will be including a reception area, an ice bar, and an Alpine cafè. The cold zone, on the other hand, will be distributed on two levels and will include more than 21 rides for all ages. There will be climbing walls, a snowball arena, slides, inflatable bumper cars, an ice carousel, and more.

For the snow park’s 4D cinema - which has a capacity of 80 seats - and following the client’s IP, we created a circa 10 minutes long film that revolves around a little marmot on an adventure to save winter.

The marmot’s name is Miko, and he will be going on a hard quest set in the amazingly enchanting environments of the Alps.

As a matter of fact, Miko does something that will prevent winter from arriving and suddenly reversing the flow of the seasons, which is a tragedy for all the animals that hibernate during the cold weather.

This will really prove the little marmot, who will try them all just to bring everything back to normal and all his animal friends will do their best to help desperate Miko too.

The movie was conceived for children and families who enjoy a sweet tale but also the thrill of a ride film. Basically a movie for children of all ages. ?

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