Goodbye setbacks! How to choose the right supplier for your custom CGI content
We have often talked about why it's essential to have custom CGI content if you manage a themed venue. If perfectly matching the overall experience inside your themed structure, it is indeed the perfect way to generate genuine word-of-mouth advertising and attract new customers. Now, we'll go through the next step: once you've finally realized getting custom CGI content is the right choice...How to choose who will produce it? The attractions industry is a bit of a minefield: there are plenty of companies that claim to provide you with the best CGI content for your media-based attractions and it's often hard to understand who you can trust. When we first approached the industry, we met many amusement professionals who told us their personal experiences in looking for CGI content for their digital attraction and then later became our customers and partners. They all had something in common: they were confused and, without a point of reference as a CGI production studio focused on this industry, they had no choice but to contact Generic and Local media companies or Feature Film companies from Hollywood.   You wouldn't believe it, but the fact that they asked others to produce their content ended up just doing us a big favor: they noticed the huge difference between a media company and a specialized CGI studio and spread the word. As a result, there is no reason why you should waste time and pay the price just for the sake of acknowledging this difference: we will reveal what you take into account when you have to decide who you want to produce your custom CGI content for your media-based attraction!

Generic/Local media companies

Let’s imagine you want to produce a CGI immersive movie that revolves around the theme of your venue and you ask a generic/local media company These companies are not focused on a single pipeline of work: they produce all kinds of 3D works and media content, such as commercials, cartoons, and, only marginally, CGI content for media-based attractions.  Think of it this way: if you had to have your meniscus replaced, would you let your family doctor do it? You’d rather go to a specialized surgeon, right? And not because your family doctor is a duffer: he’s just unqualified for that specific job.  Are you still sure that a generic media company can help you?  Media-based attractions use hardware that needs very specific technological knowledge: everything has to be adapted to the single content and hardware used. The knowledge needed to make CGI content suitable for a flying theater is different, for example, from the one you need to create the same kind of content for an immersive tunnel or a dome simulator. This means that besides having to figure out how to manage the work related to the CGI content for your specific work, they will most likely not be able to take advantage of all the possibilities your hardware could unleash. There are so many techniques and notions to learn and it takes time to master them, don’t believe those who assert the opposite: their lack of expertise will inevitably translate into delays and works that were not correctly done! 

Hollywood Studios

On the other hand, you may think that asking a big production company from Hollywood is a great idea, and then again you’re wrong.  They are not focused on a single pipeline of work either: they produce top feature films, TV shows, cartoons for the big screen and, only marginally, CGI content for media-based attractions.  Moreover, they produce several films every year, of many kinds and genres, all while they had to work on your content and squeeze it in among all those other things! Also, their prices match the budgets of the Hollywood industry, they’re not appropriate for the attractions industry. 

What is the solution then? Relying on a specialized company!

A specialized company only works on one specific business, therefore its job is focused, fast and linear.   Why spend a huge amount of time and money on something that could be produced faster, and at a reasonable price, by people who are only focused on your business? Thanks to the skills of a specialized studio you can rely on 24/7 assistance and be in control of the movie during all the production stages. A production studio can assist you in creating the film from the beginning, even if you don’t have a story to tell in mind yet. These are just a few of the reasons why only a CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions can produce the right content to really add value to your venue. Only a CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions can know all the necessary procedures to create a movie following your guidelines carefully, thanks to the technical knowledge of all the top-trend technologies in this field. By relying on a specialized production company, you won’t have to worry about any delays, extra costs, or unreasonable prices anymore: you will get the most important content in your venue created by people who make this kind of content for a living! Subscribe now to watch our library of CGI content in full-length and see the difference with your own eyes!


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