4 things Leonardo da Vinci can teach you about immersive movies

4 things Leonardo da Vinci can teach you about immersive movies

Leonardo da Vinci inspired generations of artists and thinkers. Science, sculpture, painting, architecture, anatomy: Leonardo mastered with excellence every bit of human thought and culture.

He was one of the greatest geniuses ever lived on Earth, there’s no doubt about that. As Italians, we’re a bit biased, but a thing’s for sure: his fascinating creative approach is still valid today and it’s one of the most effective too.

Considering his passion for technology and arts, Leonardo would have been a great fan of multi-sensory and virtual reality films.

The Maestro has a lot to teach us, indeed! In order to find the perfect immersive movie we have to think and act just like him!


What’s the real motivation behind Leonardo’s extraordinary discoveries? Curiosity. Without longing for knowledge the Maestro wouldn’t have been able to imagine any of his inventions.

Curiosity means thinking out of the box, too. Only if you think different from the rest, you’ll be able to reach otherwise impossible to imagine achievement.

Interest is the secret for success when it comes to VR/5D movies. You have to approach yourself with genuine curiosity to video content: this is the key that will allow you to effectively judge the movies you’ll watch. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and be interested in the movies they will experience.

Be passionate about your customers’ passion.

Be curious - this is the easiest way to really understand which kind of video content your audience will like the most.

Scientific thinking

Analysis, study, research. These are the tools that have the power to make ideas real. Thanks to his undisputed reasoning skills, Leonardo became a master in every field of human knowledge

A scientific approach to immersive movies is the trump card to identify new contents that your audience wants to watch.

Curiosity is fantastic, but alone is not enough. You should methodically put into practice what you have studied. Leonardo had a flawless method: he studied the theory first, then the masters from the past, he used to analyze the competitors and combined these data with the feedback he received.

You can do the same with VR/5D movies.

#1 Study the theory

What does it work in your industry? What doesn’t? What are the features the best immersive movies have in common? What do you should avoid?

Dig deeper. What are the main differences between ride films and attraction films? What are the differences between VR and 5D? How to choose a movie for your amusement park?

Our blog is the best starting point to clear up these and other doubts!

#2 Identify what has always worked in your industry

Being in the attractions industry, you already know what the audience wants: have fun, spend quality time together with family and friends, feel strong emotions… It looks almost obvious, but it’s not.

Analyze what worked out in the past - you can even consider traditional attractions. Study the best 4D movies, the best roller-coasters, the best immersive attractions.

What do these experiences have in common? The guest is always the hero of a blazing-fast and breathtaking story. And, in fact, ride films are the most compelling genre in the entertainment and amusement industry.

#3 Analyze your competitors

Do you already know what your competitors are doing? You have to be different from them, at any cost.

Copying the competition is completely useless. You have to make yourself known for your uniqueness. How can you attract your customers if you’re just a washed out copy of your competitors?

Identify your niche and win it over with amazing video content!

#4 Pay attention to feedback from your audience

This is a very important point.

Instinct is crucial, just like experience. Yet, everything is relative. Because, in this world, spectators are those who are going to decree if your business will be successful or not.

Listen to your audience, intercept their preferences. Choosing the most effective immersive video is easier if you know your customers’ tastes!

And - last but not least - you will avoid spending money for movies people don’t want to watch.

Mix logic with imagination

The top geniuses of all time have one thing in common: they are creative people with a strong logic attitude. Arguably, Leonardo is the one who found the perfect balance between scientific thinking and imagination.

Masterpieces come to life when intuition and study mix together and art merges itself with sciences. The marriage between theory and practice always leads to noteworthy outcomes.

Being a professional in the entertainment industry, you have to analyze the latest trends and put into practice what you’ve learned.

So, what do you have to do? Learn more about what works and avoid what doesn’t. And begin to…

...Test, test, test!

Do you think Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa in a day? He did several attempts, drew a lot of drafts and, in the end, he reached perfection painting the masterpiece that thousands of tourists everyday now admire at the Louvre.

Fate has no role in achievements like these. Only hard work and commitment can make it real.

This is true in our industry, too. “Luck” doesn’t exist. If your simulator or theater is not going as expected, it doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel. Leonardo did not paint the Mona Lisa at his first attempt.

So, if your VR or 5D theater is not as successful as you’d have hoped, don’t give up. Now you have all the tools to succeed. What you have to do is to study the market, understand what your audience really wants and offer the right movie to your guests!

Final words

Do you want to be successful thanks to immersive movies? Try the Leonardo da Vinci approach!

  • Be curious, don’t ever lose an article about your industry and put yourself in your customer’s shoes.
  • Analyze your data meticulously with scientific approach. Choose the perfect movie for your business by taking advantage of actual evidence.
  • Balance logic and imagination in order to achieve results that will exceed your expectations!
  • Testing is fundamental: this is the best way to objectively judge your movies!

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