The Deep

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Hold your breath and go underwater. Have a look at what happens down there and swim along with strange sea creatures.
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GENRE: Adventure
SUBGENRE: Underwater
LENGTH: 05' : 10''
LANGUAGES: Only Sound Effects
RESOLUTION: Full HD (1920 x 1080 p) / 4K (3840 x 2160 p)
SOUND: Stereo / 5.1

You are very close to a mysterious wreck, but something goes wrong. The dark blue ocean water is all around you. You are swimming with sharks, dolphins, and jellyfishes. The aquatic world looks menacing, but you have an ally. Just follow him – he will guide you to a mysterious underwater city. Now you are safe, you can go back home. Is it the end of the journey? Well, there’s one more surprise.


event_seat Motion Base
wind_power Air Blast
water Water Blast
vibration Vibration
airline_seat_legroom_extra Leg Ticklers
air Wind
cloud Smoke
bubble_chart Bubble

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