Jurassic War

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The immersive tunnel experience designed for Cinecittà World, the park that celebrates the history of cinema and television. A 70-meter wide and 5-meter tall screen allows visitors to get into the heart of the Jurassic forest, where the dinosaurs live. The tour is very calm and relaxed at first, but all of a sudden the wagons get pushed off road and they become the main target of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. When everything seems lost, an unexpected ally comes to rescue.
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CLIENT: Cinecittà World
CATEGORY: Immersive Tunnel
GENRE: Adventure
SUBGENRE: Sci-Fi / Thriller
LENGTH: 04' : 40''
LANGUAGES: Only Sound Effects
CAPACITY: 90 Seats
RESOLUTION: 14976 x 1080 p
SOUND: 21 Channels

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