Want to discover how an immersive movie comes to life? Watch Red Raion: Meet the Team!

Want to discover how an immersive movie comes to life? Watch Red Raion: Meet the Team!

Have you ever wondered how a production studio creates its contents? For the very first time in this industry, we are going to show amusement professionals which steps we take to produce a movie by making our experts speak out in the open.

Well, we are very proud to present “Red Raion: Meet the Team”, a miniseries of 10 episodes that will allow the viewers to enter the creative and productive processes by Red Raion, the first VR movie production company in the attractions industry.

Our team’s experts will uncover all the steps we take to create immersive contents for amusement professionals and the tools we use to achieve such target. You don’t have to be a technical genius to understand what we explain in the interviews, we just want to give you the opportunity to understand how the process of creation of contents really works, something that distribution companies can’t help you with.

Red Raion’s goal is to arouse feelings in our clients’ audiences and there are two ways to trigger such emotions: through custom-made movies, which are films that we create specifically around the client’s requests and desires, and through licensed movies, which are the final result of an attentive market analysis following a study on the wishes of our clients’ guests.

In each episode, an interview with the departments supervisors will explain the single steps that lead to the final product, analyzing all of them, from the original script, passing through the texturing, all the way to the post-production phase, to uncover how an immersive movie comes to life.
From our Script Writer, who imagines the script as the final film right from the beginning, sets the style, divides the sequences and gives each one an approximate time, and indicates the special effects to be used, all the way to our Creative Director, who coordinates all the steps that lead to the final product.

In addition, there are also interviews with our marketing experts: insights from experts who focus on the strategies to adopt to release the movies. Red Raion has a clear position in people’s minds, which is the brand we have developed through the participation in trade shows such as Euro Attractions Show and Deal Dubai.

The episodes of Red Raion: Meet the Team will be premiered on Youtube every Tuesday for ten weeks.

Are you looking at media-based attractions for an answer?

Watch the first episode of the series. We hope you enjoy! no-repeat;left top;; auto d9gTmowavaw 1280 540 no-repeat;left top;; auto

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