How to update your immersive attractions to today’s standards

How to update your immersive attractions to today’s standards

People around the world are driven by the same old longing for fun, but technology is always in evolution. Innovative technology is part of our lives and people want to try the most advanced entertainment systems.

Would you like to own the most advanced attraction in town? It’s very easy! Keep on reading to find it out how!

Get in touch with a specialized hardware manufacturer

This is fundamental, but often overlooked: if you want to amaze your audience, you have to use a theater or simulator produced by a qualified and skilled hardware manufacturer.

As movie producers, we only focus on making films. When entertainment and technology come into play, you have to make careful and precise choices. To us, it’s absolutely clear what our duty is: we want to entertain your audience so it will come back to your theater more often.

Relying on a specialized hardware manufacturer is fundamental. Multi-sensory and virtual reality equipment is very complex and behind every bit of it there is a hard work of research and development. Considering these circumstances, you should always prefer reliable manufacturers who only do one thing, but perfectly.

Out there, you can find companies that build theaters and simulators, make virtual reality headsets, create other attractions, produce films and much more... all at the same time! These manufacturers should always be avoided. Their products are of low quality and can seriously harm the visitors of your structure. This is something you have to consider, especially when sight and security are involved.

Manufacturers should only make hardware, just as movie producers should only focus on content creation. Let’s make an example: if your heel cord hurts, you want to see an orthopedic surgeon. A general physician won’t be able to help you, best case scenario he will just tell you to take some pills. Only a specialist will bring your heel back to work.

Actually, there are a lot of hardware manufacturers who are absolutely serious about their job. They really enjoy being part of the attractions industry, they really do. As for everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Quality comes at a price. You cannot expect good quality from a cheap and poorly made simulator.

Your films need a high performance system as much as your theater needs stunning content. Only a strong collaboration between hardware and software will transform your simulator into a really great attraction!

From 4D to 5D

5D movies are more exciting than 4D ones in leaps and bounds. To modern eyes, 4D films just look boring and uninteresting.

Put yourself in your average guest’s shoes: you’ve just paid a ticket to watch an immersive film, you’re admiring a theater equipped with the most advanced hardware, you’re already wearing your 3D glasses. Do you think a 4D experience will live up to the expectations?

4D films were a revolution years ago because, at the time, they changed the attractions world forever. But in this market things go very fast. Fact is, they’re already outdated. An upgrade is necessary and there are two ways to do it.

Upgrade your theater or simulator

This is arguably the most effective way, but it’s also quite expensive. Nowadays, 4D films look very outdated and uninspiring. The most relevant limit of these movies is the lack of dynamism: scents, water sprays, leg ticklers and other effects can make the audience feel immersed, but movements are very important in the enjoyment of a multi-sensory attraction.

Motion makes the whole experience way more exciting. However, without proper 5D content, even the most impressive hardware is unable to engage your audience. Once you upgrade your simulator, you need fresh, exciting, thrilling films. How to recognize the perfect 5D film for your audience? Read this blog post!

Update your film library

Multi-sensory films have evolved over the years. Once, the approach to this kind of attraction was more cinema-oriented, today it’s more focused on the experience of the audience. This is a change for the better: the spectator is now the hero of the story.

If you own a 4D theater chances are your movie library is quite obsolete. If you don’t feel like upgrading your hardware right now, you can update your multimedia offer in order to show to your audience the latest movies on the market.

Technology is important, but many other things make immersive experiences so compelling. Actually, the film that your audience is going to watch is the most important factor of the overall experience. If your movies are quite old (that is, you purchased them around three years ago or so) it’s time to update your collection. What’s more, by updating your hardware, you will already have modern content at your disposal.

Keeping your old videos for a prolonged period of time can seriously damage your business. It’s time to upgrade your library: your audience wants to watch engaging and thrilling movies. You don’t want to offer an unexciting experience, don’t you? For a professional in the attractions industry, boredom is alarmingly dangerous. Modern films - expressly designed for your audience - will do wonders even if you don’t have the chance to upgrade your simulator right now.

From multi-sensory attractions to virtual reality

People working with attractions all share the same dream: managing an attraction so engaging that attracts the audience naturally, with no effort. Well, thanks to virtual reality technologies, this dream is closer than ever.

Want to make the switch from multi-sensory to VR? Try asking your manufacturer. If he can’t help you with this matter, there’s nothing to worry about. People working in this industry are very passionate about their job, you won’t have any problems in finding another manufacturer who has done this operation before. We are in contact with companies that already performed this upgrade. Would you like us to suggest them to you? Just ask us! Anyway, you won’t have to worry about wires and technicians. Just focus on the films your audience will experience.

The only tech you should really care about when choosing a VR film is the head-mounted display (HMD). Which headset should you buy? There are several on the market. However, right now HMDs are divided in two main categories:

  • PC-powered HMDs, that need a computer to work. These devices are powerful, but they’re more expensive and more uncomfortable at the moment.
  • Smartphone-powered HMDs: in this case, you should just put a smartphone on the headset to watch the content. Mobile CPUs are not as powerful as their PC counterparts, but you won’t have to deal with wires or cables.

This is hi-tech we’re talking about. There’s always a way to arrange the best solution for your VR film. In fact, they don’t require a lot of power, so you can perfectly save some money and opt for a smartphone-based solution.

This technology is modular and you can change anything you want whenever you want to.

You can read more about virtual reality here and here.

VR or 5D? One does not exclude the other

Who said 5D and VR cannot join forces? A mixture between 5D effects and VR immersivity can be the trump card to deliver an experience your audience will never forget. You can have the best of both worlds.

Virtual reality and multi-sensory films can coexist. Technology is a means, not an end, to deliver to your spectators what they’ve always waited for. The different options don’t compete against each other, but they can work together to tell an engaging story.

Maybe you’re wondering if you can still use both technologies with your motion theater. Well, this is not an issue. Just contact your technician or the manufacturer who provided you with the hardware. They are skilled professionals who know how to make both technologies work at the same time.

Seriously, with these innovative technologies the possibilities of use are endless. But you’re not a technician, you are a professional in the attractions industry. You should never worry about technologies. Films are the most important thing you have to focus on: providing exciting movies to your audience and increasing the revenue of your motion theater!

Would you like to discover our VR/5D movies? Watch all of our films in full-length! What’s more, we’ll send you a free report about the mistakes you should never make when choosing immersive video content!


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