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Finding the right CGI content for the media-based attractions you are designing can be tricky.

Actually, it's nearly impossible you manae on the first try and without encountering any obstacles.

Think about it…

How many times media companies have asked you unreasonable budgets for producing your CGI content or, worse, have promised you the moon and then were not even able to provide you with a result up to your expectations, making you lose loads of time and money?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg: slow after-sale support or any at all, awkward delays in content delivery, extra costs that unexpectedly came during the production...There are many setbacks that you may have to face and that can cost you A LOT.

Get ready to say goodbye to all that!

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How to recognize all the mistakes you may unintentionally make with your CGI content and that could severely undermine your reputation in the industry.


How to choose the right CGI content and get the absolute best out of media-based attractions you design.


All the questions you should ask yourself and the answers you should look for to make sure you find a reliable CGI Content Partner and avoid wasting time and money on the wrong CGI content.


How to steer clear of bottlenecks and misunderstandings and impress your customers.


All the secrets behind CGI content for media-based attractions, revealed by the company specialized in it.

Including inspiration and insight from some of the leading industry players, this handy resource has the answers to turn your dream media-based attractions into a profitable reality!

This is what amusement professionals, just like you, say about the advantages of working with a company that is specialized in its respective field.

Theme Park Designer

"After an extensive search around the world for a good and creative animation film studio, we are pleased to have landed at Red Raion for the creation of an affordable CGI animation film solution, from concept to production, featuring our “Marmots“ IP to show in our snow parks. We’ve very much enjoyed working with Red Raion."

- Kees Albers, CEO at Unlimited Leisure Holding

Amusement Park

“It is important to rely on in-house production studios specialized in the creation of immersive contents, such as Red Raion, which has the technical expertise and the knowledge of the cutting-edge innovations in this industry, a company that is specialized in the development of CGI contents and technologies that will definitely add value to an attraction inside an amusement park.”

- Francisco Azlor, Former General Vice-Director at PAM - Parques Reunidos

Theme Park

“Red Raion is a young yet very professional company. It’s made by people who are very fond of their jobs, very professional in doing their work and who do reach the goals set together with their clients. They are very open to stimuli and when we worked together on the script and details of the “Jurassic War” custom-movie for our Immersive Tunnel, they lived and worked as if the attraction was their attraction and not only Cinecittà’s. This is very important because now we consider them as Partners and not just suppliers.”

- Stefano Cigarini, CEO at Cinecittà World

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