Three reasons why you should update your immersive video content

Three reasons why you should update your immersive video content

Immersive movies represent an innovation in entertainment. Like every growing business, early adopters have a great advantage over their competitors. Being the first one to recognize a brilliant idea is not a small thing, however amusement is a very peculiar field and update is fundamental. Each content gets judged by the audience, whose taste is constantly evolving.

When technology is involved, being the first to implement it is not enough. Nowadays, spectators are extremely competent, since they’re used to interact with cutting-edge platforms and systems on a daily basis.

Are you delivering the right immersive experience for your audience? Luckily, finding what is not right is fairly easy and it doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Does your multimedia offer need a refreshing? If you’re making one of the following mistakes, the answer is “yes”.

1. Your content is old

Have you been using the same movies for four years? In this field is like they were forty. As you already know, immersive entertainment is always changing. Even the best films from a couple of years ago are already old-fashioned and cheesy to the eyes of modern audiences.

Multi-sensory experiences are capable to involve spectators inside the story like never before. But this identification process happens only when content is up to modern standards. People who choose to immerse themselves into these stories are used to deal with innovative technologies. It’s a very demanding audience, always searching for latest products. Progress makes a difference, either when considering technology or style. This is why a three-year-old immersive movie now seems so outdated.

Do you remember when the first smartphones came out? At that time, those devices were considered the most impressive advance in technology. Now those same phones feel slow and bulky, with awful cameras. Multi-sensory attractions have reached the same stage: even the best films from yesterday are easily outclassed by basically every modern movie.

First came 4D, now we have virtual reality and we’re already eager to know what the future has in store for us. In this field, there is no nostalgia-effect and the if-worked-yesterday-it’ll-work-today mentality doesn’t apply to it. Being a step ahead of the competition is essential.

2. Your content is out of step with audience’s expectations

Have you noticed a drop in attendance? Has your simulator lost its appeal? Maybe the movies you have chosen for your audience are not so captivating, after all.

Your multimedia offer is the most important factor for your business. Intuition is important, but there are more things to consider. Actually, those who are going to decree the success of your simulator are the people in the audience - it’s them who will decide (or not) to pay the ticket and watch your movies. Furthermore, they’ll speak about the experience they had to relatives and friends - either in a good or bad way.

Advertising is the soul of business and word-of-mouth is the soul of advertising. There aren’t promotion activities so incisive as real-life unbiased opinions.

In order to pick the right films, you’ll have to consider every feedback from your spectators. That’s why you need content that resonates with the audience. If your multimedia offer doesn’t work, you need to focus on your spectators’ taste.

3. You’re still using the same films you received when you first got the simulator

This happens all the time: when you purchased your theater or simulator, you received a bundle of immersive movies together with the hardware - and, since then, you’re using these same movies all the time. Are you making this mistake? No wonder your business isn’t going as you hoped. Those films are old, low-quality and produced who knows where.

Consider this situation: imagine you have just purchased a Ferrari. Together with the car, the reseller is giving you for free a full set of used tyres. What are you going to do? Will you use second-hand tyres for your fancy new car (thus compromising performances and safety) or will you invest on high quality car parts to make your Ferrari shine? In order to run at top speed your Ferrari needs brand new tyres.

Multi-sensory films work exactly like that. Using a technologically advanced simulator is very important if you want it to succeed, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. High-quality modern content: this is what takes to take advantage of the full potential of your simulator. To completely make your spectators feel immersed in the story, you have to provide them an experience that will leave them breathless.

Final thoughts

Old content, films that don’t resonate with your audience or poorly made movies: just one of these factors can undermine your business. If you are making one of these mistakes, it’s time to move on and update your movie library.

Indeed, embracing a technological revolution (e.g., virtual reality) can attract new customers and bring back the old ones. But, without modern, high-quality, exciting content, it will be hard to find a proper pace and keep up for the long run.

Are you ready to update your simulator’s video content? Your audience is searching for fresh and exciting immersive experiences! Watch all of our movies in full length and discover how to get them!

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