Red Raion expands its cooperation with SimEx-Iwerks to provide top-notch Flying Theater experiences!
We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with SimEx-Iwerks, a world leader in cinematic experiences. In the last couple of years, there has been an exponential rise in the popularity of Flying Theaters around the world, fed by the constantly advancing technology allowing for both large-scale and small-scale installations. Flying Theaters simulate the ultimate feeling of flight, and operators in this industry have been looking for exciting new content that could turn the guests’ dream of soaring through the sky into reality. Both companies have a successful track record with media-based attractions. Among its roster of products, SimEx-Iwerks builds FlyRide®, the high-impact Flying Theater experience, and we have been developing our own catalog of licensed titles in this format. What better combination to answer this need? We at Red Raion are extremely proud of this cooperation,” asserted Valeria Rizzo, Red Raion’s PR and Business Development Director. “Simex-Iwerks Entertainment has been in this industry for over 30 years, and their attractions have featured IPs of worldwide importance. It’s a forward-looking company that always studies the latest trends to offer the highest value to its clients. The number of licensed fly titles in the market is not as high as with other formats, so they decided to enrich their offer and chose to pair their FlyRide® with Red Raion’s growing catalog of fly movies. SimEx-Iwerks is very pleased to expand our cooperation with Red Raion, said Howard Brodsky, Director, Licensing and Distribution, at SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment. The enthusiasm and creativity of their young company shines through in their films, and we are happy to offer our clients the opportunity to experience the thrills and excitement their films have to offer.”  

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