3 ways seasonal CGI movies are your secret weapon to win the holidays and spark your venue’s attendance rate.
One big opportunity that Amusement Parks, Shopping Malls, Fecs, Theme Parks, And Museums have is to leverage celebrations and changing seasons to promote their business and attract more guests. While there are numerous events to consider to capture additional sales, Christmas and the winter season are definitely among the most important dates in amusement professionals’ calendars: themed decorations, limited-time offers, and even new attractions are just a few of the many aces up their sleeve to win the holidays! After all, what better time of the year to give your venue a major makeover and transform it into a perfect Winter Wonderland to attract more guests who will engage with your brand, while turning first-time customers into raving fans? No need to answer! The winter theme gives you literally endless options: from stringing bright colored lights to setting up snow-covered trees all around your venue, from turning your roller coasters - if you have them - into sleigh rides to hosting parades, fireworks and shows... The only limit is your own imagination!  The true question is how can you captivate potential guests and offer an experience so compelling that they just have to live it then and there? If you manage a media-based attraction in your Amusement Parks, Shopping Malls, Fecs, Theme Parks and Museums, however, here’s the answer you seek: Seasonal CGI Movies! Let’s see together the 3 Ways they are your secret weapon to win the holidays and spark your venue’s attendance rate!  

Enhance overall guests’ experience

Seasonal titles are extremely important to your venue because they are the cherry on top of the general atmosphere that’s normally in the air during major celebrations and that you will re-create and magnify inside your venue. This is especially true for Christmas or Winter themed CGI movies. If you decide to dress your venue for the holiday season, displaying them on your cinema or simulator will complement your guests’ experience delivering a fully immersive experience they won't forget. All of your guests who are into the holiday spirit will certainly love them - and, let’s be honest, who else but the Grinch could not be in the mood? - but even people who are just looking for a thrilling adventure will enjoy the special touch of holiday cheer of your seasonal CGI movie!   

Keep your movie offer exciting and fresh

We will never get tired of saying it: one of the most fatal mistakes you may be making with your media-based attractions is to display only one movie for the whole year, or even worse, for a longer time. More movies give you more options, more options turn into more ways to win your customers and therefore to generate more revenue. The same goes for seasonal movies: offering the right movie at the right time, for example, a Christmas movie at Christmas time, or a horror movie on Halloween, gives you the opportunity to promote your media-based attraction in a new guise so that guests who have already tried it can come back to experience something new!  

Exclusive tickets 

Another great idea you may want to consider for making the most of a seasonal CGI movie is to offer a distinct ticket for it.  Whether you will opt for a new media-based attraction that you will include in a dedicated area of your venue - that you will customize based on holidays, special occasions, or other themes - or do it with the one you already have, you can advertise its tickets as exclusive or promote them as a limited time offer. This translates into new profitable opportunities for your business and also into a not-to-be-missed, exclusive experience for people who visit your venue.   Now that you know why Seasonal CGI Movies are an extremely valuable asset for your venue, it’s time to talk about the CGI movie that could be best for your media-based attraction this winter! We are referring to Miko and The Spell of the Stone, the CGI movie we produced for Unlimited Leisure Snow Parks, which is available for licensing in 5D format! This heartwarming and exciting title revolves around the adventures of Miko, a little Alpine marmot, and his friends in their quest to restore the natural order of weather, by breaking a terrible spell that threatens to prevent winter from ever coming: this would be a disaster for all animals, as they wouldn’t be able to hibernate as they should.  Miko and The Spell of the Stone is the perfect winter title to entertain all kinds of audiences - basically, anyone who enjoys the thrills of a ride and the emotions of a sweet, powerful story.  This 10-minutes-long CGI movie is indeed strongly story-driven and features intense ride parts that will engage your guests into a fast-paced adventure that will make them hold their breaths until the end! Whether you manage a winter/snow park, a zoological theme park, or you want to thematize your Amusement Park, Shopping Mall, FEC, Theme Park or Museum for the upcoming season, this title is everything you need to make your audience immerse themselves into a world made of magic, nature, brave creatures and beautiful landscapes! And if you don’t want to find yourself unprepared as the next seasonal opportunities roll in, you can take a look at our library of CGI movies for licensing!  

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