The dream of riding around with Pinocchio will finally come true
When we started working on our new movie, what we had in mind was to create something that is worldly known, something that could be appreciated by both children and their families. Something that could thrill kids and make adults relive their youth again.     Imagine if you could jump on a roller coaster and start riding around on a rusty hoverboard in the company of one of your childhood’s favorite characters, Pinocchio?! Well, now you definitely can thanks to our latest VR/5D movie, Pinocchio - A Modern Tale.  

Still frames of our new movie "Pinocchio - A Modern Tale"

  Pinocchio is the perfect movie for those who like to escape reality for a bit and want to jump into something familiar, a world they already know but that at the same time isn’t real. All the settings in the original tale were reinterpreted and created to fit our idea.   You’ll witness Pinocchio’s birth by the hands of a Steampunk-looking Gepetto. Jump on his rusty hoverboard and ride around landscapes up until the rough entrance in Mangiafuoco’s puppet theater, where you’ll be so close to the Puppet Master that you will feel his breath down your neck. You will ride alone for a little when you’ll arrive in the Land of Toys. Did we mention that the whale was created to be a ride inside a theme park? That’s where you’ll end up to reunite with Pinocchio and his father!  

Two still frames of "Pinocchio - A Modern Tale"

  But don’t worry! As we previously said, this movie was conceived for children too, so the story has a happy ending right like the classic tale we were inspired by. Pinocchio and his father will live happily ever after!  

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