Let’s meet in Riyadh for the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo!

Come to visit us in booth 4E18

We’re excited to announce that we will take part in this year’s Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo, taking place at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre from 16 - 18 May! During the event, we will meet the operators in the industry to show them our newest CGI title for licensing, Moby Dick - Friends to the Rescue!, launching soon in 5D, VR, and Dome formats. Valeria Rizzo, Red Raion’s Business Development Director, declared:
This is Red Raion’s first Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo, the second event in the Middle East this year. The entertainment industry in this region is flourishing as never before, and it’s essential for us to be present in such a fundamental event. We want to give all the operators who are contributing to this growing market the opportunity to discover the benefits of collaborating with a company that’s specialized in CGI content for media-based attractions, and help them choose the best content for the digital attractions in their pipeline. During the SEA we will also show our latest CGI title for licensing, Moby Dick - Friends to the Rescue!, along with some exclusive content we’ve been preparing for the launch of the movie!

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