Red Raion is going to produce SimEx Iwerks’ FROSTBITE – DINO ISLAND III!
It’s with great pleasure that today, during a live stream directly from this year’s IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona, we announced that SimEx-Iwerks has chosen Red Raion to produce the next chapter of their successful Dino Island series: Frostbite - Dino Island III. Since the mid ‘90s, audiences in over 30 countries have been thrilled and captivated by the universal and endless appeal of Dino Island’s dinosaurs! FROSTBITE – DINO ISLAND III continues this highly successful legacy, combining cutting-edge multimedia and flying theater technologies with world-class storytelling. Our collaboration with SimEx Iwerks started around 5 years ago, when they chose our 5D movies for licensing. Then, a few months ago, we announced our new partnership to provide them with our growing catalog of licensed titles in fly format for their high-impact FlyRide® Flying Theaters. And now it’s a real honor that they have decided to renew their trust in Red Raion by asking us to produce this custom content, and we can’t wait to tell you more about this movie in the next few months!   Here is what Richard Needham, SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment’s Creative Director, asserted about this new custom title and our collaboration:
It has been a lot of fun developing the next chapter of the Dino Island story. We want this attraction to really showcase all the best attributes of flying theatres and 4D Experiences®, from the ride dynamics to the environmental effects. We’re taking advantage of all the cutting-edge storytelling tools available today to make that happen. Red Raion shares our enthusiasm for this property, and it’s been a real pleasure working on it with them.
To this, Valeria Rizzo, our Business Development Director, added:
We are extremely proud that SimEx-Iwerks has chosen Red Raion to produce the newest chapter of their successful Dino Island series. It’s not the first time we have worked together, and we’re glad that they decided to renew their trust in us. We can't wait to show everyone the results of this further collaboration!

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