Red Raion: Meet the Team has made it to its last episode!

Today is the day! The last episode of Red Raion: Meet the Team is being broadcasted on Youtube.

The miniseries was broadcasted for 10 weeks, one episode a week for a total of 10 episodes. Every episode was aired to further explain the secrets behind the first VR movie production company in the attraction industry.

Well, as everything in life, the most productive solutions come from those professionals who just do one thing, but do it impeccably. That’s why we thought of broadcasting Red Raion: Meet the Team.

As movie producers, we only focus on making films. When entertainment and technology come into play, you have to make careful and precise choices. To us, it’s absolutely clear what our duty is: to entertain audiences so much that they’ll want to return to a specific venue more often.

Producing immersive films is a serious business and trust us, we know!

Our in-house experts analyzed the processes that stand behind the production of a VR/5D film and they explain them one-by-one in each episode of the miniseries: every step we take to create immersive content for amusement professionals and the tools used to achieve this goal. All of this was to give you the opportunity to understand how the process of content creation really works. Insights coming from a VR movie production company.

A miniseries that is an eye-opener for both professionals in the industry of fun and not. The episodes of Red Raion: Meet the Team premiered on Youtube every Tuesday for ten weeks. We started broadcasting the episodes in July, and today the last episode of Red Raion: Meet the Team is officially online.

Are you looking at media-based attractions for an answer? To watch all the episodes of Red Raion: Meet the Team, you can click here.

We hope the episodes in our miniseries were useful, and enjoy the show!

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