Straight from Neverland, please welcome Peter Pan – Saving Tinkerbell
DEAL 2019 is right around the corner, and we wanted to tell you more on our latest immersive movie Peter Pan - Saving Tinkerbell. We wanted to produce a movie that was well thought of for both children and their families, with an engaging story, something that could be screened literally anywhere. In Peter Pan - Saving Tinkerbell, you can see beautiful landscapes in the island of Neverland, the place where Peter and his friends, the lost boys, live. Captivating fields crawling with charming creatures and amazingly cute animals, and what appears to be an Indian Reservation. With this breathtaking ride film, visitors will experience the magic of finding themselves face to face with these critters and seeing all the rich mysterious vegetation that live on the island. The readaptation of the tale is inspired by the original story, but we had to add something to be more valuable to amusement professionals. We adjusted the tale here and there to make it adaptable to a ride film, and also reinterpret the characters in the original story to fit this kind of movie. After that, we set special effects to make it an unforgettable ride! Do you want to discover these effects? Keep your eyes wide open then, because they will make the journey even more fascinating and extraordinary. We created an adventure among the landscapes of Neverland. Visitors will fly in the desperate attempt to save little Tinkerbell, Peter’s fairy best friend, from evil Captain Hook who kidnapped her for her magical dust. They will be flying with the boy who won’t grow up in the quest to save Tinkerbell from her kidnapper while dodging the cannonballs fired by the pirate’s ship. All of the sudden guests will be taken in a skull-shaped cave, where they will witness a fight between Peter and Hook, all while avoiding the hungry crocodile that is about to throw up an alarm clock. Let’s say it’s going to be a thrill from the first to the last second. This ride film is the perfect combo of fun, adrenaline, and fantastic environments! If you are attending the show, and want to witness our new movie firsthand on Ferretti’s simulator Gravity 360°, you can schedule your meeting with us by choosing the slot that suits you best . Hurry, the sooner you book your appointment with us, the more slots available you’ll find! Cheers!

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