How was the IAAPA in Orlando? Here is the video recap!

With the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, our year around the world ended, the year during which, among many beautiful goals, we became a Global Exhibitor.

We went to IAAPA in Orlando to show the American market what it’s like to work with the CGI studio specialized in media based attractions. Want to know how it went? We also have some news regarding Dino Island III - Frostbite, our new collaboration with SimEx-Iwerks and their Dino Island franchise.

"Dino Island III - Frostbite could really change the flying theater industry, in terms of a film that’s not location-based, you know, flying over a certain type of geographic region - it’s an actual adventure film, and SimEx-Iwerks is really proud to work with Red Raion on this."

Mike Freuh, Senior Vice President, Licensing & Distribution at SimEx-Iwerks

Frostbite Dino Island III

"We've worked with SimEx-Iwerks for over five years and on Frostbite for more than a year, and it's always great when the production processes of two companies get along. Our shared love for well-told stories has united us in the goal to make the best experience we could deliver together." said Salvo Fallica, Project Manager at Red Raion.

We also presented Around the World in 80 Days - Journey of Wonders, our new licensed CGI content, available in 5D, VR, Dome and of course Fly.

Our Creative Director Sara Menegazzi showcased our latest demo saying "In our reinterpretation of the original IP 'Around the World in 80 Days' by Jules Verne, the protagonists live an immersive journey of exploration, action and a pinch of fun, from Rome's Colosseum to the Great Wall of China to the India Taj Mahal across the seven Wonders of the Modern World".

"The industry professionals who watched the demo agreed on the fact that this IP is perfect to give their guests the opportunity to travel without moving from their seats. This title goes arm in arm with the requests of the international attractions market" added Valeria Rizzo, Business Development Director at Red Raion.

Around The World in 80 Days - Journey of Wonders

Since a single post gave us such a short space to describe everything that happened during the tradeshow, here’s our traditional video where we talk to you about IAAPA in Orlando seen through our eyes!

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