Jordhan Choi from SKonec Entertainment: working tirelessly to bring LBE to the next level

Upgrading the game of Location-Based VR Entertainment

SKonec Entertainment is a major VR company based in South Korea and a leading Location-Based VR Entertainment solution provider, owner of the first and largest urban VR Theme Park in South Korea. With 16 years of professional experience in the game industry, SKonec has commercialized more than 55 games so far and, over the last years, it has continued its push into the LBE sector by launching its VR Square arcade initiative, opening the first location in 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. VR Square is a VR multiplex covering 1,700m² and featuring five floors of virtual reality games and experiences, including VR Walking Attraction which allows players to free-roam around a game environment in a warehouse-sized space. In December 2019, the company took a step forward and kick-started the plan to expand worldwide by opening VR Square Los Angeles, an arcade that features several of SKonec’s LBE titles, ranging from free-roaming experiences to PvP shooters and VR escape rooms. This was just the first step of a growth path that promises to be truly impressive! Here’s what Jordhan Choi, Vice President at SKonec Entertainment, said about the collaboration with us as CGI content creators:
“We have no doubt that Red Raion is an industry-leading VR movie production company. Their storytelling skills and the way of delivering it into the eye-catching visual effects are extraordinary. Content is King, we always trust this phrase and Red Raion has been supporting us with excellent content. We look forward to continuing our business relationship.”

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