How we choose the IP of our CGI content for licensing
Today we want to give you a sneak peek at the phase in which we, the CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions, decide which CGI content for licensing we want to produce next: the choice of the IP on which the movie will be based on.  In this key phase of the pre-production process, we make sure we provide you with the CGI content that will give your guests everything they are looking for: intense thrills, captivating stories, and great characters they can identify with! We can say it out loud, this is far from trivial. To give you an idea of its magnitude, just consider that, exactly how you have to choose the perfect licensed CGI content for your media-based attraction, we have to provide it to you. So let’s take a look at how the magic happens!  

Market Analysis

Each of our CGI titles for licensing stems from a deep market and target analysis. This step is crucial to help us make wise decisions about how to enrich our CGI content library. Behind every successful CGI movie, there is a story of substantial market analysis on competitors and customers which enables us to perfectly know what people want to experience and what’s going on in the industry in terms of trends and supply. At the same time, the emphasis we put on collecting customers and partners’ feedback and suggestions allow us to get invaluable insights that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise and that cannot be replaced by any data analysis!

Choosing the genre

It goes without saying that the choice of the genre depends on the outcomes of the previous phase. Based on the age groups to target, current trends, already existing movies, and market needs, we pick up the genre, always keeping in mind our ultimate goal to provide our customers and partners with a wide range of different CGI titles so they can offer the right movie at the right time, for example, a Christmas movie at Christmas time and a horror movie on Halloween, and easily update their movie library.

From the genre to the IP

Choosing the IP of the movie is among the most challenging activities when we make a new CGI content. According to the chosen genre, we create a roster of captivating IPs that we evaluate one by one until we get to the final choice. All the IPs we analyze are stories that never cease to entertain audiences that are suitable for creating a remake, a spin-off or a sequel, or original IPs we own Let’s take a look at two of our CGI titles currently available for licensing, Aladdin - The Bachelor Party and Black Hole - The Multiverse War. The first CGI movie makes guests immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere of a fairytale they all know and love. In this case, what we did was to imagine how the characters would have been like at the end of the classic tale, at the moment in which Aladdin and the princess were to get married, if the groom and the Genie, his best man, woke up late after a night of shenanigans celebrating Aladdin’s bachelor party. Black Hole - The Multiverse War, on the other side, is an original IP we created when we decided to produce a space movie, determined to go far beyond the usual space titles available on the market creating a revolutionary immersive experience that could lead guests across different dimensions. 

What comes next

Since we're here, there's no reason why we shouldn't give a quick look at what happens during the pre-production phase after choosing the IP: scriptwriting and storyboard. Scriptwriting is the moment in which we translate thoughts into words. Our screenwriters write down captions for every scene, indicating special effects, stereoscopy, and movements of the camera. In this way, when it’s finished, the script becomes the reference for everything regarding the movie: plot, scenes, characters features, cameras, cuts, settings.  All of these elements are described in detail and provided to the artist who will be in charge of creating the storyboard, the tool that allows us to translate words into drawings. Basically, a storyboard displays a series of frames, which represent the sequence of events in the film, that enable us to visualize how the film will look like beforehand, minimizing production risks. Often, the most surprising and exciting scenes in a movie are made up by arranging parts of the storyboard in a different order. It’s a simple trick that does the job! Once we get through these two phases, artists can start working to provide you with another great title to help you keep an updated video library with high-quality CGI content that will turn your media-based attraction into a magnet to your venue! Subscribe now to watch our library of CGI content in full-length!  


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