Let’s e-meet at IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia!
We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia! IAAPA’s very first-ever online Expo and conference will take place live daily on July 28-30, 2020 and will include a virtual trade-show, education sessions, networking areas and on-demand content to allow attractions-industry professionals worldwide to stay connected and learn how to navigate this new landscape with creativity, optimism and resilience. As soon as we got the official announcement, the first thing that came to our mind was that we could not miss this opportunity and we think you should not miss it too! Now that some signs of recovery began to emerge, it is more important than ever to work hard for our future. We at Red Raion, as many of you, haven’t stopped working, confident that our industry will be an important part of bringing people back together again, and now we cannot wait to meet you and show you all of our latest products! In particular, we are happy to announce that during the event, we’ll be also presenting our new category of CGI content for licensing: Flying Theater Movies! Flying theater is a truly one of a kind immersive experience and as such it deserves CGI content specifically designed for it. Many non-thematized venues indeed invest huge amounts of money, even millions, on this cutting-edge attraction and then have serious problems in finding high-quality CGI content for it.  How is this possible if there are plenty of companies out there that offer CGI content for licensing? Easy! Generic media companies, Hollywood Studios and movie distributors all have a limited understanding of digital attractions, either because they don’t produce the content they sell and/or they are not specialized in the field, so the offer of CGI movies specifically designed for Flying Theaters worth buying is basically very poor. That’s exactly where Red Raion comes in. As the CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions, we decided to embrace this category of CGI movies in response to the need of our customers to get CGI content specifically designed for their Flying Theaters, helping them to achieve the best combo between incredible imagery, captivating story, special effects, and motion synchronization.  

Let your imagination take flight with Red Raion’s Flying Theater Movies!

The first two titles available for licensing in this format will be Black Hole - The Multiverse War and Aladdin - The Bachelor Party, here’s a sneak peek on both of them!  Black Hole - The Multiverse War is the newest and highest quality space movie in the attraction business. This movie is not an ordinary space title but a great futuristic adventure that will take your guests to new, never-seen-before universes, enabling them to enjoy an experience that goes far beyond the mere sensation of flying.  They will find themselves floating in space with no way to escape and the only thing they will be able to do is to survive! Luckily, a funny rescue robot will show up to guide them back to the space fleet, but in order to get there safe and sound, they will need to cross several black holes that take to other mind-blowing dimensions, where enemies will do everything they can to keep them from reaching their allies!  Driven by the relentless rhythm of an epic soundtrack that perfectly complements the thrill of inescapability and enriched by a unique set of special effects such as Motion Base, Air Blast, Water Blast, Leg Ticklers, Vibration, Wind, Bubbles and Lightstorm, Black Hole - The Multiverse War will make your Flying Theater perform to the fullest! Aladdin - The Bachelor Party is a spectacular flight full of twists and turns that will make your guests immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere of a fairytale we all know and love. Whenever the Genie claps his hands the scene suddenly changes and they can literally end up anywhere: from flying over an oasis inhabited by elephants to floating underwater chased by a gigantic shark, from escaping the dangers of the underground to hurtling through the fascinating landscapes of Tibet, this Flying Theater Movie will leave your audience breathless! Complemented by a unique combination of special effects, such as Motion Base, Air Blast, Water Blast, Leg Ticklers, Vibration, Wind, Smoke, Bubbles, Rain, Strobe and Snow, Aladdin - The Bachelor Party is the ultimate movie to make your Flying Theater stand out from the rest.  

Will you be attending the IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia? Let’s chat!

Stop by our booth to chat with our Content Experts in real-time and know more about our CGI content for licensing specifically designed for media-based attractions. And, if you are thinking of a Custom CGI content as the right solution for your venue, come to visit us as well: we have an option that will allow you to keep control of all variables to consider when you create CGI content from scratch and immediately see how it will be like before actually producing it! Just ask for the Magicboard Sample and you’ll see! You can already schedule your appointment with our Content Experts by clicking on the link below and choosing the slot that suits you best. They will be more than happy to help you identify and fix all the problems that may arise with CGI content for media-based attractions and suggest the best solution according to your venue and target!  

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