5 common problems 5D theater owners face (and how to fix them)

5 common problems 5D theater owners face (and how to fix them)

Owning a multisensory theater or simulator is simply awesome. Your duty is to entertain people who come to your place to spend some quality time with family and friends: enthusiasm is refreshing and when your audience has a good time you remember how beautiful it is to be part of the amusement industry. But, every rose has its thorns, and that applies to this business, too.

5D theater owners are pioneers. The majority of them decided to invest in this market when immersive technologies weren’t common at all. As a consequence, they couldn’t be aware of the obstacles they would’ve faced.

For every problem there’s a solution - and luckily, in this case it’s not so complicated. On the contrary, it’s very easy to fix the 5 most common problems multisensory theater owners face on a daily basis.

1. Effects synchronization and compatibility

“How can I sync the effects of your films? Are your movies compatible with my simulator? I was told my hardware fits a specific film format only: are you sure we can do this?” We’ve heard these questions a thousand times…

This issue is annoying, that's for sure. Having concerns is normal, but these problems are exaggerated by film distribution companies. This is a great excuse to make you pay extra money for effects synchronization. After all, if you didn’t need them to synchronize the effects, you would consider getting your movies somewhere else, don’t you?

The vast majority of 5D films are compatible with your hardware. You don’t have to worry about that. Effects synchronization is very easy. Just get in touch with the manufacturer that originally provided you with the hardware and he will be more than glad to help you out. Manufacturers know hardware better than any distribution company representative.

2. Lack of modern content

Please remember: your multimedia offer is the most important aspect of your business. Spectators will decide to visit your theater or simulator (and pay the entrance ticket) because they want to experience your content. Hardware is important, but it’s not the only thing that matters. There’s a mistake you should never make: play the same content all the time. This fault can make your theater absolutely uninteresting to your customers’ eyes.

If you take advantage of movies under license, you've noticed for sure that several distribution companies propose lifetime licenses when selling their movies. Maybe, you’re thinking that this is not a bad idea, after all. Reality is, screening the same film for several years is useless if you want your audience to be captivated. People always want new content, they don’t want to get stuck with the same old film forever. That’s why a lifetime license is a ball and chain. And it’s also more expensive sometimes.

Moreover, adding new movies to your collection is fundamental to increase your theater’s popularity: when visiting your simulator, spectators will know they are going to watch the latest movies on the market.

3. How to pick movies people actually want to watch

Understanding your audience’s taste is very important. In order to provide fresh, amusing and engaging content, you should put yourself in your visitor’s shoes.

For motion theater and simulator owners, the best multisensory films are the ones where each person in the audience can feel she’s the hero of the story. Thrills and excitement are the only things that matter in this process. There’s nothing better than an adventure at top speed. Those who try 5D films want to have an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Only a ride film can make all of this happen. Attraction films (the other category in multisensory cinema) are a great choice, but only if you manage a theme park, museum or brand and want a tailor-made story about your company. Attraction films sold under license are meaningless. Why would you like to tell your audience a generic story they can experience elsewhere? At this point, watching a Pixar’s computer graphics traditional movie is way better.

Want to learn other tricks to pick the perfect film for your audience? Have a look to this blog post.

4. Too much choice

New movies: this is what your audience really needs. That’s why you’ve decided to update your simulator’s collection. What about now? Where should you begin your search? Maybe it’s time to get in touch with a distribution company to find out what it has to offer?

A distribution company will only waste your time by showing you catalogs full of unspecific and uninspired films. Wasting time doesn’t seem like a good plan, right? When there is too much choice, then confusion arises. Your audience needs thrilling and exciting content focused on their needs. Nothing more.

Production studios offer fewer content than distribution companies, but their movie libraries are more focused on your audience’s needs.

5. After sale support

Well, you’ve just purchased a new multisensory movie from a distribution company. What if something goes wrong? A difficult journey begins, between phone calls and email in order to fix your issue.

Assistance is something people don’t think about so often - until you really need it. A strong and efficient after sale support is fundamental to rest assured. A production studio knows how to make a movie, that’s why it has a more competent approach than a distribution company. Those who produce 5D movies, of course, are more skilled (and quicker) when it comes to fix an issue.

You already know it: updating your movie library is fundamental. You should carefully pick your supplier and trust only those who guarantee you a strong after sale support.

Wrap up

As you can see, there’s a fix for every problem.

  • When you change a movie, it’s very easy to synchronize the effects. Just contact the company manufactured your audience and they will be glad to help you!

  • Do you want to choose the perfect 5D film? Just follow these simple guidelines.

  • If distribution companies endless catalogs confuse you, get in contact with a specific production studio that creates the right content for your audience.

  • After sale support should be managed by a movie production company rather than intermediaries.

Are you ready to take off at top speed with a brand new collection of 5D ride films for your simulator? Check out our 5D movies in full-length!

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