Do you manage a theme park, a museum or a brand? This is how your VR/5D movie should be like

Do you manage a theme park, a museum or a brand? This is how your VR/5D movie should be like

Are you thinking about implementing a virtual reality or multi-sensory film inside your visitor center? Well, you already know that there are a lot of immersive films out there that are expressly designed for the amusing industry. Unfortunately, the range of choice is very wide and this slows down the selection process. As a consequence, the outcomes of these selections are often unsatisfying.

Maybe, when looked from the outside it doesn’t give this impression, but the entertainment industry is a very serious one. As a professional in this field, you know better than anyone else that entertaining people is a very hard job. Avoiding mistakes is fundamental, especially when you have to define the details of your next attraction.

Do you own an amusement park with a strong thematization? Are you managing a museum? Are you thinking about using a VR/5D film to tell your brand’s story? In these cases, the decision becomes even harder. But you don’t have to worry about that. Remember: for every problem there’s a solution.

1. Getting a movie under license is not the right choice here

For the majority of XD theaters and simulator, purchasing a film under license is the way to go. After all, there are several movies made by specialized production studios that offers great quality and good value at the same time. But, in this case, using a movie sold under license that is screened elsewhere in other theaters in the world is one of worst mistakes you could make.

Your guests want to discover every aspect of your theme park, museum or brand. What they expect from their visit is a consistent experience. And of course, your VR/5D movie should match the whole context.

Purchasing a movie under license is very convenient for XD theater owners. What’s more, the majority of these films has impressive graphics. But your customers don’t really care about graphics. What they really want is to experience an engaging adventure that follows the general theme of your structure. They want to try something special, something unique.

What your guests are supposed to do with a “beautiful” movie if the story doesn’t fit the whole atmosphere? Let’s make an example: imagine to be a tourist inside an Egyptian museum. After visiting several rooms full of typical Egyptian antiquities, you get inside a 5D theater. And you start watching a movie about Robin Hood. A beautiful movie, indeed. But what does that have to do with your experience? Nothing at all.

2. How to involve the audience into a never-seen-before attraction

Just put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes. When you visit a theme park, a museum or your favorite brand’s visitor center, you want to get the best out of that experience. This is true either if your aim is to have fun or to learn something. Everything that happens inside the structure you’re visiting should focus on that.

A VR or 5D movie doesn’t make exception. Quite the opposite, the screening of the video is very important for the whole touristic experience. We’re talking about innovative technologies, after all. Your visitors will have very high expectations, it’s almost physiological.

A ready-made movie, even if it’s flawlessly made, is not suitable for one of the most meaningful moments your guests will have inside their tour. A generic movie is no use in these cases. To really engage your audience you have to give them a tailor-made film.

A thematized movie is the perfect way to tell your brand’s story in a compelling manner, to involve your audience inside the narration, to explain difficult ideas in a few seconds of footage. And - why not? - your mascotte can became the main character of your video!

To sum up, there are several reasons to choose a tailor-made movie created for your theme park, brand or museum.

  • It’s unique and exclusive. Nobody but you can screen your movie.
  • You can decide every movie detail. That means that you’ll have total control on the story you want to tell.
  • The film will perfectly match the rest of the experience. And your guests won’t easily forget about it!
  • It’s the most original way to show your brand’s essence.
  • People will have a reason to talk about your business and will suggest you visitor center to their friends, thus attracting more customers.
  • You’ll be able to amaze even the most demanding audiences.

A custom-built video gives you endless possibilities to express your brand vision, transforming it into a compelling story for your customers. Would you like to create a 5D video to tell your company’s evolution? Want a virtual reality content to show your products in an innovative way? Do you think your museum should host the most engaging educational video ever made? With a tailor-made film you can to this and much more!

3. A production company: the best choice to create your custom-built movie

Who better than a production studio can help you creating your tailor-made film? There are several reasons why you should avoid distribution companies. Basically, distributors are brokers between companies that produce movies and customers who buy them. Obviously, a broker lacks all the necessary experience to technically understand how to create what you have in mind.

For the companies working with VR and 5D movies, technical knowledge is fundamental. This is true even when considering movies promoted under license. But, when tailor-made films come into play the inappropriateness of distribution companies becomes more evident. If you want to create a state-of-the-art tailor-made movie is fundamental working with a production studio with previous experiences.

Distribution companies don’t focus on the creative process during the production of a film (and that’s OK, since they don’t have the right competences to create videos). Their only interest is to close a deal and sell a custom-built film. When the customer signs the contract their job is over.

On the contrary, a production company knows all the necessary procedures to create a movie following your guidelines carefully. Moreover, a production studio can assist you creating the film since the beginning, even if you don’t have a story to tell in mind yet.

When compared to distributors, production studios have a more human touch as they don’t focus only on sales. Thanks to their skills you can rely on a 24/7 assistance and be in control of the movie during all the production stages.

The initial brainstorming to decide the concept, the storyboard creation, the scriptwriting, the computer graphics animations: when a production studio is working for you, you can monitor every stage of the creative process.

Wrap up

Are you in charge of the management of a visitor center, a theme park or a museum and you want to implement a VR or 5D experience inside your structure? In this case, a tailor-made movie is what you need! This is one of the rare circumstances where you cannot rely on a generic film that you can usually buy under license.

Those who visit your structure do so in order to live an exciting and consistent experience during their visit. A VR/5D surely is the trump card to foster this identification process. This is why having a thematized movie that follows the overall atmosphere of your visitor center is so important.

This is the only way to build a long-lasting connection between your customers and your business. With a tailor-made film you can convey your company’s vision in the easiest and most immediate way. A personalized content that perfectly matches the overall experience inside your structure is the perfect way to generate a genuine word-of-mouth advertising and attract new customers!

In order to create the perfect custom-built movie for your company, you have to get in touch with a production studio. Why? Because distributors are just brokers between studios and customers. Distribution companies are not expert in video production and they only focus on marketing and sales.

On the contrary, production studios just work on movie creation. Thanks to your favorite production studio, you can build your movie from scratch. Moreover, you can control every development stage. Remember: you don’t have to worry if you don’t have in mind a story to tell. A production company can help you finding the right idea and set it up to perfection!

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