Here comes Red Raion TV!
Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome Red Raion TV!

Red Raion TV is a series of episodes that will further analyze how the universe that surrounds the attractions industry work through interviews with other professionals involved in it, focus on new trends, and overviews on our products.

The first episode is filmed during DEAL Dubai, which is the largest trade show dedicated to the amusement and leisure industry outside the U.S.

In this first video of our broadcast, our PR and Business Development director, Valeria Rizzo, will take you inside the trade show and speak about our new immersive movie, Peter Pan - Saving Tinkerbell. For the occasion, the CGI film was premiered on one of our hardware partners’ simulator, Gravity 360° by Ferretti International.

A fun and exciting ride film thought for children and their families that took the attendees at the show on a thrilling experience.

Watch the first episode of Red Raion TV , and follow our channel to keep updated on the show that unveils the universe that surrounds the attractions industry!

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