EECO Voyager

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EECO Voyager is the award-winning immersive VR experience Red Raion produced for Loveland Living Planet’s 64-seat VR cinema located in the round area underneath EECO, the Aquarium’s 16-stories tall new attraction.

The VR experience consists of 2 movies that mix live-action and VR technology for the first time: an edutainment project that aims at taking the aquarium’s guests on a virtual journey across different times, places, and dimensions, educating them about the Coral Reef and the Amazon Rainforest, and the importance of nature preservation.

With this content, we won our first Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in the Virtual and Augmented Reality category.

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CLIENT: Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
CATEGORY: VR Experience
GENRE: Edutainment
SUBGENRE: Scientific
LENGTH: 23':50''
CAPACITY: 64 seats
RESOLUTION: 4096x2048
SOUND: Stereo / 5.1

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