EECO Voyager

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EECO Voyager is the immersive VR experience Red Raion produced for Loveland Living Planet’s 64-seat VR cinema located in the round area underneath EECO, the Aquarium’s 16-stories tall new attraction.

The VR experience consists of 2 movies that mix live-action and VR technology for the first time: an edutainment project that aims at taking the aquarium’s guests on a virtual journey across different times, places, and dimensions, educating them about the Coral Reef and the Amazon Rainforest, and the importance of nature preservation.

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CLIENT: Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
CATEGORY: VR Experience
GENRE: Edutainment
SUBGENRE: Scientific
LENGTH: 23':50''
CAPACITY: 64 seats
RESOLUTION: 4096x2048
SOUND: Stereo / 5.1

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