Meet Red Raion’s Content Experts, one by one!
As many of you already know, Red Raion has been expanding its roster of professionals with the Content Experts team. Led by Valeria Rizzo, Red Raion’s PR and Business Development Director, they are the company’s figures specifically trained to support amusement professionals to choose the perfect CGI content for their current or future media-based attractions. If you work in the field of entertainment you know very well that each geographical and economical area has its own distinctive features, so every regional market deserves a dedicated professional who has a deep understanding of its needs, culture, and trends. That’s why each of our Content Experts will focus on the area they know best, so as to use their knowledge and experience to guide you by analyzing your specific market with pinpoint accuracy! Capitalizing on the profound knowledge and hands-on experience these individuals have gained over the years is of fundamental importance for us to boost our global presence, break down barriers, and improve the overall customer experience. As the CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions, the experience and background of our Content Experts are what enables us to position ourselves as a point of reference in the global attractions business. Now it is time for you to meet each of Red Raion’s Content Experts, because each and every one of them brings something special and unique to the team! We will start with Yoyo Song, the Content Expert for the Chinese area!


After working for 5 years in the acquisition and distribution of movies and TV series in the Chinese market, Yoyo’s awareness of the audience’s taste has led her to kickstart her career in the acquisition of VR films, actively taking part in the exponential growth of this market in China. She is highly motivated to take Red Raion’s movies to take center stage in her region. About her position at Red Raion, she stated:
“I want high-quality CGI Content produced by Red Raion to enter the Chinese market. I am ready to be at the forefront in breaking this partly new ground to the benefit of customers, who certainly deserve the best CGI content available, and also for myself as my dream is to get ahead in the attractions industry”
We could not be prouder to welcome this highly committed professional to our team, sure that she will represent an ace up our customers’ sleeve!

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