E-meet us at Blooloop V-Expo!
Don't make any plans for October 13th, 14th, and 15th: we will be exhibiting at Blooloop V-Expo and you can’t miss it! Blooloop V-Expo is the world’s first online conference and exhibition for the global visitor attractions industry, featuring world-class speakers, exhibitor halls and huge networking opportunities and - here’s the thing - it is free to attend! We at Red Raion could not miss such a great opportunity to e-meet all of our customers and partners once again and to establish new fruitful collaborations with other industry players.  After all, we’ve all missed way too many occasions this year and now, more than ever, we have to embrace the endless possibilities of digital technology and leverage on these kinds of virtual opportunities to shape together the future of the attractions industry. For the occasion, we will be showcasing our new Flying Theater Movies available for licensing: Black Hole - The Multiverse War and Aladdin - The Bachelor Party. If you’ve missed it, here’s a sneak peek on both of them!  Black Hole - The Multiverse War is the newest and highest quality space movie in the attraction business. This movie is not an ordinary space title but a great futuristic adventure that will take your guests to new, never-seen-before universes, enabling them to enjoy an experience that goes far beyond the mere sensation of flying.  They will find themselves floating in space with no way to escape and the only thing they will be able to do is to survive! Luckily, a funny rescue robot will show up to guide them back to the space fleet, but in order to get there safe, they will need to cross several black holes that take to other mind-blowing dimensions, where enemies will do everything they can to keep them from reaching their allies!  Aladdin - The Bachelor Party is a spectacular flight full of twists and turns that will make your guests immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere of a fairytale we all know and love. Whenever the Genie claps his hands the scene suddenly changes and they can literally end up anywhere: from flying over an oasis inhabited by elephants to floating underwater chased by a gigantic shark, from escaping the dangers of the underground to hurtling through the fascinating landscapes of Tibet, this Flying Theater Movie will leave your audience breathless!  

Watch the message Valeria Rizzo, PR and Business Development Director at Red Raion, has recorded for you!

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  Our Content Experts will be more than willing to help you find the perfect CGI content for your current media-based attractions and those in your pipeline.  If you have a venue without a strong thematization, they will show you our fast-growing library of CGI titles for licensing in VR, 5D, Flying Theater and Dome format.  And, if you are thinking of a Custom CGI content as the right solution for your venue, they will show you our proven track record of Custom CGI titles and provide you with a free sample of the Magicboard: the tool that allows you to have a clear preview of the final result by keeping control of all variables to consider when you create a custom CGI content from scratch!  You can schedule your FREE consultation with our Content Experts by clicking the button below and choosing the slot that suits you best!  

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